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  1. I currently work for nyct as a bus operator for 3 years, in the past 2 years my attendance hasent been great and I got hit with chronic absent, I’m now in the process of transferring to lirr and they want me to disclose my records from the past 3 years will this be a automatic disqualifier or hurt my chances with getting hired with Lirr?
  2. I’m aware but I’m a B/O they hammer us with trips, mta has a strict attendance policy all around, 5 instances in 1 year & your on sick control & they don’t let use take days off unless it’s 90 days in advance, do you think I should notify lirr during my orientation interview ? On the application it says give attendance & discipline records “ at your earliest convience “?
  3. I am a current employee with NYCT can LIRR disqualify you if you have poor attendance record with transit ?
  4. Many times but the job id for the one referenced in the email invite is 93100, in which I applied for in mid April, that was actually my first application for the L/E position. Basically imo for anyone out there if your interested in working for MNRR or LIRR, you must meet those specific qualifications and having college credits or a degree is a major bonus in getting your foot in the door. This is my second invite between MNRR & LIRR in less than a year.
  5. Just got my email I got invited to the open house January 22, in currently a bus operator for nyct.
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