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  1. The CFR form, they sent it to me late, I think it was supposed to be in the other peices of paperwork, it was like the only thing that had to be mailed within like 24 hrs. So yea now I’m just waiting too, but I hear class starts in April. So I would expect sometime before then
  2. The next email should be about a release of drug info, from your previous employer
  3. For which position? Trackworker? I took mines jan 25th and got an email feb 7th... so probably sooner than later
  4. When I went in for the medical on Friday (1/25/19) for the trackworker position they said the freeze is for all non essential jobs , thats also what the board meeting said, it’s on YouTube it says it somewhere in the video I can’t remeber where though
  5. Did you hear anything back yet from Metro North? Also how did you here about the freeze? I go in for a PAT and medical JAN 25th

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