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  1. No all I went with was all my ID’s, a blue pen and just in case I brought all the diplomas. They give you another 20+ page booklet that you have to fill out
  2. I start training on the 29th. Medical is vision, hearing, ekg, test urine for diabetes, spirometry test, and blood pressure. Expect to be there till 4ish
  3. Update: got the call on Friday and had to go for final prossessing on Wednesday 3/27 got that all sorted out so It looks like I’m a transit employee now. It only looked like they called the first few people Because there’s wasn’t that many people there
  4. Nothing yet man, I’m just waiting 30 business days then if I don’t hear anything I’ll give them a call
  5. What exam #? List #? Did you go for the drug test and medical?
  6. I still haven’t received anything yet
  7. Did you receive your drug test results?
  8. Ok I had to go back and take the drug test last week and I haven’t heard anything yet. They said keep checking your email for a notification in 3-90 days so it’s just waiting game
  9. Nothing yet. When did you take the drug test?
  10. Do you know what time they are open from and till?
  11. Okay hopefully there’s enough positions available! Exam is 7102 bus maintainer chassis 01-e
  12. So I went to Livingston on Friday 2/1 and I didn’t have my SS card because I lost it(have a new one coming in the mail) so they gave me the interview they only one question and handed me a form saying that when I get the card call to schedule another appointment but it also states that they do not hold the position but will try to place me as long as the list is active I’m low on the eligible list for bus maintainer( below 10). What are the chances of me still getting hired? how long does the list stay active?
  13. Hi everyone, I hoping to get some information on this exam I took last year I recieved my results I got a 100% and my list number is below #10. The question that I have is my previous work experience that’s required for the job was an off the books job(young and dumb) but I did go to trade school so that counts. Will mabstoa verify this? Will they accept a letter from my previous job stating that I was employed there?
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