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  1. ..and phase one is laughable compared to phase 2.
  2. I think the first 15 were zone C then the last 5 were zone A something to that effect. It specifies.
  3. anyone who is commenting on the LIRR overtime and salary for Engineers just needs to be sent the book of rules, maybe then they'll understand 😆
  4. yeah i was told at my recent interview it was the end of may then they happen about every 3 months, i should have asked if that class was filled yet.
  5. is anyone in phase 1 for the end of May? I was told phase one starts end of may then the classes run about every 3 months. I should have asked if the end of may classes were filled already.
  6. id say the signals are easier because you can mental notes as far as the positions and colors to know what signal it is but the definitons are straight memorization.
  7. i got a call at my current employer from someone at verifacts wanted my personal info, to double check my DOB, address, and last 4 of my social. Is this the railroad or is this a spam call? Anyone ever hear of this company?
  8. awesome congrats, curious to know when the classes start if the interview goes well, hopefully see you there. best,
  9. just got a call this morning, interview is in 2 weeks. Can anyone let me know what to expect for this interview? Good luck everyone.
  10. thanks for the response, trying to wait patiently lol
  11. open house went great, just took my test saturday, felt really good about it besides 1 definitely i went back and changed that i know was wrong. Besides that im eager to hear how the test went and what the next step is/will be but i have no idea when or what that will be, once you finish the test they just say HR will be in touch.
  12. thought it was pretty easy if you make flash cards and constantly study. The signals i felt good with think i aced em (you have to get 100%). I actually went back and changed one of my definition answers that was right and ended up getting that one wrong for sure, so stil with your gut. Think i got everything else verbatim though. Wasn't bad honestly if you know your stuff you'll run through it. I used color associations with the color lights, for example (G stands for Green, R for Red) G then R = clear R then G = medium clear R flashing G= limited clear this helped me a lot
  13. definitely agreed. Going to have to be all over island eventually and getting places may be difficult. I would definitely work on getting the license but as far as the testing goes you should be good.
  14. Just took the S+D exam on Saturday, 3/30/19 anyone know how long it takes them to reach out to let you know if you passed or not? If anyone took the same exam and heard anything I would appreciate a post response here to get an idea. Thanks
  15. i think that is just to get in the building, think you should be OK.
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