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  1. Hows phase 1 going I hear its overwhelming Hope everyone is hanging in there
  2. do you have to do push ups or run ? or is it medical ?
  3. Nice I wonder now how many got called so far Maybe a call tomorrow ??? fingers crossed Good luck to all that got the call
  4. tha'ts awesome Steve nothing here yet Whats with the medical? climb ladders ??
  5. Awesome hope they call some more people Good luck
  6. That's how they do it If you failed you would not of had the interview scores are keep secret
  7. way to go Best of luck where ever the tracks take you
  8. Good Luck to all you guys that are getting called
  9. Great Good luck one step closer was it a panel or one person ?
  10. Steve took 3 months from panel interview or 3 months from test date ?
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