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  1. Yea man! I’m beyond friggin pissed off. You guys know I hard we studied for that test. Very few people from my class even showed up to take the test, let alone people actually passing it. It’s not easy. Then the panel interview is basically your average work experience questions. It’s a piece of cake compared to that test. They make it seem like, you pass the test, meet with the interviewers and on to phase one, so this definitely threw me off guard. And they could’ve told me right away and not 3 months later. Only thing I can think of was that they age discriminated cause I’m 42. Meanwhile I’m in the best shape of my life and out hustle any 20 something on my job. I appreciate the support fellas. It’s all good. Just disappointed and venting. One day it’ll all make sense.
  2. Yea, we’ll what they don’t tell you is that even if you pass the exam, there’s a chance you still won’t get excepted into phase 1. And they’ll make you wait 3 months just to tell you that.
  3. So I pass the S&D exam and go on my panel interview back in October, and today I see a wonderful email from Michelle Drew telling me it’s in their best needs to go with other candidates. Thank you for applying. I feel like I got slapped in the face. If I failed the exam I can live with that, but this is ridiculous. I was even just studying up until yesterday just to keep it fresh. I can ace that test right now, still. smh. I hope anyone still waiting for phase 1 doesn’t receive that same email. It’s a terrible feeling. Good luck to everyone.
  4. Damn really? Well I guess no news is good news
  5. Not yet! Still patiently waiting. Doesn’t look like it’ll be January. Hopefully next month, but we shall see. I think there was another signal and definitions test in December . Maybe they’re waiting for that class.
  6. Great news! Congrats bro! Can’t wait to get there.
  7. Nah not yet, but I’m not expecting anything until sometime next month. Especially if the next one supposedly starts in January.
  8. Hey guys, hope everyone is well I have my panel interview tomorrow morning. Any advice?
  9. Nice! How did it go? I got my panel interview this Friday.
  10. Congrats bro! Were you in my class on the 7th? I was notified this week too.
  11. I know right. That’s what the teacher said to. Guess people weren’t prepared. You gotta be dedicated.
  12. They already notified me yesterday that I passed. I was just wondering about anyone else from my class.
  13. Curious to know if anyone else who took the S and D exam with me on the 7th also passed? I believe there was only 7 of us who took it.
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