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  1. Great news! Congrats bro! Can’t wait to get there.
  2. Nah not yet, but I’m not expecting anything until sometime next month. Especially if the next one supposedly starts in January.
  3. Hey guys, hope everyone is well I have my panel interview tomorrow morning. Any advice?
  4. Nice! How did it go? I got my panel interview this Friday.
  5. Congrats bro! Were you in my class on the 7th? I was notified this week too.
  6. I know right. That’s what the teacher said to. Guess people weren’t prepared. You gotta be dedicated.
  7. They already notified me yesterday that I passed. I was just wondering about anyone else from my class.
  8. Curious to know if anyone else who took the S and D exam with me on the 7th also passed? I believe there was only 7 of us who took it.
  9. Yessss! Passed the S&D exam. I can finally breathe lol. Interview next month. Good luck everyone taking phase 1 and everyone on there way to the next class.
  10. I was thinking that too, for a second, but I highly doubt we’d get that lucky lol
  11. I was in that S&D overview on the 3rd too. She said you’ll see the aspect by name, and you have to write out the indication.
  12. Wow! This S&D study material is no joke. Everything is on hold for the next 5 weeks.
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