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  1. Yea there's been a few changes over the years, date on the back states 2002, so not sure if that's when it was made or out in to service, but was taken out around 2016. I've just started a new job so as soon as I get paid I'm making a light up box unit for it
  2. Closer views for you, as you can see theres been a few changes over the years https://imgur.com/a/otY9IC7 https://imgur.com/a/Kjhs1pz
  3. Just keep checking here http://web.mta.info/nyct/materiel/collectsales/index.html Thats where I got my strip, hopefully they'll show at some point unless they've already been sold, they have an email you can contact to find out :)
  4. Thanks for that, I went no NYC September 2017 pretty sure I saw a few of these versions while I was there as well as the mixed and , as soon as I saw this for sale I had to get it, next payday im going to make a box for it to slide into and get it all lit back up again, when looking on youtube I cab only find vids of the 5 and 7 strip of the same type so thats for the info, its something i never took photos of when I was there or paid that much attention to other then the stops I was going to.
  5. The Barclays was added after with a sticker placed on top of the original stop
  6. The MTA site only has/had the 2 line strip for sale the other ones are the station names/exit signs but are 4x as muchL
  7. I recently brought one of the Line 2 strip maps and I was wondering if there was any info as to when it stopped being used/was updated, what colour the lights were as I'd love to get it lot again and also if the lights would turn on and stay on, on but turn off when you get to the stop, or weather the light just changed position depending on the stop. The date on the back is from 2002 https://imgur.com/a/pPdkgqQ Thanks

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