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  1. Also curious about this, also what about Initial PE’s? I’ve heard several people here went for their 2nd but haven’t heard back, or went on their 1st etc. has anyone heard if that will be ramped again next year? Thanks
  2. Gotcha , makes total sense. Thanks for the response, good luck.
  3. Why would you ask that? Is the material too hard for T/O?
  4. Hey Rondread445 I was just thinking that the other day. I follow this thread to get some insight on the next set of PE’s and any updates new hires can tell us. All these people’s school car experiences make next to no sense, I keep getting excited seeing a lot of posts- meaning activity but they’re all irrelevant to me as we don’t have any material to reference and I’m sure to many others situations. No offense to anyone whose posted of course, just adding my 2 cents. Thanks
  5. It’s still at *1947 bro, hasn’t changed in almost 8 months. 😕
  6. Lol you got me excited as well. We just have to patient and wait for our turn. I’m guessing they’ll have another round of pe’s early next year. We’re only 4 months away , we’ve already waited close to 2 years. So what’s another few months right ? 👍🏼
  7. Hired ok so what does the list certification mean or event the point? Because it’s already in the 1900’s so does that mean between 1212 and 1947, they’ll have to wait in order? Thanks
  8. According to the dcas site, they called for certification up to *1947 and it’s been that way for around 5 to 6 months. I’ve checked pretty much every Sunday, since according to the recording that’s when they update the list. Though another person said they update/hire every quarter so not really sure what to make of it. In any case I myself am 20**, I was hoping to be called atleast for initial screening before the year was out but it’s looking kinda bleak. Also remember they call you on average 3 times for PE before potentially being sworn in. So we have a ways to go 😕 . Stay strong brotha!
  9. Sure , I meant *1947 btw https://data.cityofnewyork.us/widgets/vx8i-nprf
  10. Huh? My list number isn’t *1947, it’s the last legible certified on the site. I am 20xx, I was stating my hopes to be called before the year is out as I’m not far off the last one in the site.
  11. Early 20xx here, still waiting for first PE 😕 . Hoping by the holidays I hear something as last certified is 1047 according to dcas.
  12. Gotcha, thanks for the link. That is the one I check 3 or 4 times a week. But unfortunately it hasn’t changed in over 3 months. I am listed as active ofcourse on the other but I tried even typing just my name on the certified but no luck just yet. 😕
  13. Thanks for the quick response acrabal, shucks I know it was a long shot but I figure I ask. Do you happen to know how accurate the dcas site is? As I check just about everyday and it lists as the last verified number at #1947 , so it’s not that far off from me.
  14. Hello all, congrats to all of you who have been posting recently regarding your medical and pre emp. process. But would it be possible for some of you to post on specifically list updates you’ve heard while at the location. What they are expecting to reach by the end of the summer / end of year etc. Thank you I appreciate it, btw I am early 20xx.
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