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  1. I, too, have read almost all of the pages and agree no news is good news. I was invited on April 6th and when I was scheduled for the S&D on May 11th I was elated. But now I have so many doubts. I've been checking my email multiple times a day. I will call HR tomorrow. Thank you so much for responding to my post. I appreciate it very much!
  2. Good evening all! Would appreciate any thoughts on the following: S&D test date was May 11th. Haven't heard anything. Don't know if I passed the test. Is this unusual? Maybe I didn't score well? Congratulations and good luck to all who have advanced to the next phase. Thank you
  3. lwetoddit, thank you for responding to my post.
  4. Good morning, Congratulations to everyone who has passed and are now moving on to the next phase. Can someone please confirm if the following is accurate: If a person passes the S&D test, the next step is a panel interview and then Phase 1 - which is a 6 week non-compensated training program? I tried to follow the thread, but to be honest I got confused. Thanks for any/all responses.
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