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  1. If that is where I need to be, then that's where I will be 😀
  2. I live all the way out by Wading River. When phase 1 starts for me, that will be fun getting into Hillside. KO on the weekends wont be bad at all tho. Wish it was the other way around tho. KO on Wednesday and Hillside on the weekend. Way less LI traffic going into Queens early morning. What time does the Hillside class start this Phase 1?
  3. How many rules are in the book? I appreciate the advice. You have been a big help. I’m sure everyone can agree to that!
  4. Just want to make sure when or if I do have to go to the medical and eye exam they don’t tell me to take them off. Just trying to prepare myself as much as I can. How is everyone studying going. Still bummed I didn’t make it into the upcoming class. Is it more 100 percent verbatim material? From a recent post, someone said it makes S&D look easy. Is it like S&D where they give you a list of 50 rules and 50 regulations and you have to get them all memorize or is it slightly different this time around? Good luck everyone!
  5. Hey guys. Since we are on the topic of the medical and eye exam, are glasses allowed. I know we need 20/40 vision but that can be with glasses correct?
  6. Congratulations to everyone who got a call for the next phase 1. It must be so exciting for everyone. I see that it starts Sept 18, a day before my interview . Im hoping I will get called for the next class that may start in Jan. Good luck to everyone and I am sure I will see you all around someday.
  7. Mine isn’t in the middle of September also. Took my S&D July 20th. Hope we make the cut for the upcoming phase 1. We will be cutting it real close. Fingers crossed!
  8. Hey Steven.. i hope you get that call soon. Thanks for keeping everyone informed and updating us as you move one step closer each day. Hope I make it pass my interview this sept and see you in phase 1!
  9. Did anyone get a call for phase 1 yet or does anyone have an idea when the next phase one will begin. I’m still waiting for my interview but still studying my S&D everyday.
  10. I took my S&D July 20th. My interview is in the middle of September. Idk how many people made it out of my group as well. I would assume a phase 1 would be starting soon. Before I went into the phase 1 overview they were saying only 3-6 people passed. Maybe they are waiting for a full class to fill up unless they have a date set and if it is full or not that’s when the class will start. Just thinking out loud
  11. I am just like you. I Got nervous I was not hearing back, but like they say, no news is good news. I had to keep telling myself that if I didn’t make the cut they would have notified me. When that phone rang I got even more nervous thinking I jinxed myself but in the end it all worked out
  12. My interview before phase 1 is in the middle of sept in 5 weeks. I looked through a lot of the board and seen that some interviews were only after a week or two after getting word that people passed the S&D. I have no idea how many people in my group from the July 20th and 27th S&D passed. Im happy I am one of them tho. Do you think the next class for phase one will be early sept or towards the end. Hope to see you guys in the class.
  13. Hey everyone- I took my S and D July 20th. Just got a call today for an interview middle of September. Hope I can make it through with a quick turn around and make it into phase 1 with the rest of you who are posting (Steve ect). Keep me posted if anyone here’s when phase 1 does begin.
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