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  1. Hey everyone so i just checked the MTA careers website and the LIRR has positions posted on there. Anyone know if the hiring freeze is ending or anything?
  2. Sorry for the spam but this may be something to be positive about i dont really know but i saw on newsday recently that the authority is considering borrowing $3B from the federal government and the state also is giving them permission to borrow another $10B but it dosent say from who, so hopefully they may make some hires with that money if they feel like they can. Ive been trying to stay positive with that information. 2020 has been a crazy year to say the least definitely wasnt expecting this to end up how it did
  3. Exactly you pretty much nailed it right on the head, it’s frustrating because im so eager to start already and learn new things, ive been studying the S&D, and engine whistles and horns signals, communication signals, Hand, Flag, and lamp signals since i passed the test in july of 2019, and i know it all like the back of my hand which is the only positive through this but i want to learn more. Ive practically put my life on hold just to land this position and something thats out of all our power is holding us all from this opportunity. Im wondering if anyone that’s currently on the job can give any tips on what to study besides the stuff ive listed?
  4. Hey sorry for the very delayed response man, been trying to take my mind off all this craziness and remain positive about it but to update you the classes ended up getting canceled. I was told that id be updated when everything got better and who knows when that is going to be, ive heard some pretty bad things from current employees on what may happen if the lirr dosent receive their $12B in relief money due to the virus so im hoping after the election they can start making progress on that and end up ultimately getting it ASAP, but in the mean time id find something in the mean time but expect them to call you with updates once things get better because this sadly may take awhile before any new people get hired
  5. No they cancelled the upcoming classes that were supposed to start in may and moved them to August. I passed july 2019 so if you passed after that just be patient! Stay safe everyone!!
  6. As of right now I haven’t been told about any postponement or anything like that.
  7. Hey guys quick question, i just got called to do a background check for assistant conductor, what do you guys recommend i put down for me future employers. I know the phone number of the places and all that but any other things i can put down? Thank you in advance!!
  8. Yeah i had to RSVP when i attended my open house, good luck and congrats!!
  9. Yeah im still in the candidate pool for classes and they will get back to me whenever the have more info, so im assuming they split classes up with different people that took tests, so if you waiting also from around the time i took the test just hang in there a bit longer!
  10. Thank you! I appreciate your help, i figured thats what id do anyway if i didnt have her email.
  11. No i just had michelle drews ill double check but im like 99.9% sure i dont have linda i had lucille and lisa’s only for all emails ive recieved from them i just checked. I genuinely dont have her email
  12. Also how long in advance do they reach out? Couple weeks or so im assuming?
  13. Good luck man! Can you get back to me if the rest of that class we passed with is there? Just want to get an idea if i should apply again when the position is up again.
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