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  1. Seems like the last set of canvas letters that went out didn’t have any follow ups. Wondering what’s going on
  2. Congrats. Definitely another class in September?
  3. Anyone canvassed over the last few weeks heard anything since ?
  4. Anything in stone about classes after August?
  5. Congrats to everyone going into the upcoming class. Hopefully they continue to have classes following this one.
  6. Congrats. I’m wondering if I was passed over. I’m 200X. Got a canvas a couple weeks back but nothing since
  7. Congrats 💪🏾💯. Was that the initial canvas email or you been was called?
  8. I’m the low 2000s. I haven’t gotten a canvas yet. I’m assuming they stopped in the 1900s as far as canvassing.
  9. Congrats to everyone getting sworn in for August. Any word if it’s gonna be classes after and how many ppl ?
  10. Anyone know if there will be classes continuing after the August class ?
  11. Happy to see things moving along. Guessing i should be hearing something in the next few months 20xx
  12. Me too. 20xx hoping to get a letter this year
  13. good to see the list moving. hoping i get called by the end of the year list 20xx

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