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  1. Back in 2006 on a Freeport bound N41 coming home from work. They hadnt been renumbered yet and I believe it was 116 that I rode if I'm not mistaken.
  2. This is a great catch....I think this is your second time recording this one if I'm not mistaken....
  3. Nice catch. Is this the only other 1 thats been repainted since 193?
  4. Those are some great shots dude. Man, Florida friggin sucks...I've been missing all the action!! lol!
  5. Welcome Jon. Redbird's are my fave also. Only rode 'em 1nce, on the like 15 years ago. N-E-Wayz, glad 2 have ya!!:tup:
  6. Thank u.....i couldn't wait 'til one of you guys deleted that stupid comment! The nerve of some ppl..........smh
  7. Wow dude!! Not cool! the man is dead. That post shoulda been kept 2 urself and I hope one of the forum moderators flag or delete it!
  8. Well while u guys were having a misunderstanding, he passed.
  9. Right!! I couldnt think of exactly where it was..but yeah, that's the 1 I was referring 2. Its terrible how the slighest malfunction or failure of a signal could cause such destruction.
  10. The bus driver did an excellent job keeping his composure, because that kid was very disrespectful....and there is nuthing in the world I hate more than disrespectful kids! Come to think of it, if he was a student, shouldn't he have a green Metrocard where he'd only have 2 pay like $1 or get a full student discount? Or did they stop that? Cuz when I went to August Martin in Queens (back when fare was $1.50), I got a half price student pass cuz I lived on Farmers & Guy R. Brewer, which was only like a mile from the school.
  11. The way the accident looked kinda reminds me of the NYC subway accident a while back. I think it happened on a bridge. I sure hope every1 who survived is gonna be ok.
  12. WOW!!! Thanx 4 tha video post. Its like a friggin funeral precession of LIB buses! But, they had 2 go some time. Maybe its just me, but think had the retired CNG's been a lil bit better maintained, they might've had a good 3-5 years left in them. Just an opinion......
  13. Yeah....ummmm, I was just going by what I heard. A dude on YouTube said that most of the 1996 Orion V CNG's with the ZF Ecomat trannys and some of the 96 bunch with the Allison World B400R's (hope I said that right:o) were @ Eastchester due 4 scrap, as well as some of the '97 batch. IDK if its true or not but ot would be kinda hard not to believe because of the 100 NG's they just purchased.
  14. Does anybody have any recent photos of the Eastchester "Graveyard"? lol. I've heard that some of my Orion V diesel and CNG babies from LIB are there awaiting scrap and I'd love 2 see them b4 they're gone completely. If anybody has, or can get photos of these, pleeeeeez post 'em. Thanx

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