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  1. I happened to see the R-160's on the when I was taking the subway home from Central Park. I got off the train at Lexington Av - 59 St; I was waiting for an train to Queens and it showed up after a few minutes. Hate to see the go as well...
  2. I prefer R46's as well. I enjoy sitting by the window and watch the passing view. The R32's aren't bad either; although I prefer them on the .
  3. What about express service between Church Av and Kings Hwy?
  4. Do you know what it looks like? 'Cause I've never heard of it.
  5. Hello Culver Express

  6. Hi. My name is Matthew. Like many of you, I am also a subway fan. In fact, I'm a fan of all sorts of railroads. I have many interests in subway systems, NYC's in particular. I remember what the subway was like many years ago. And it's really changed so much in what seems to be so little time. I joined this forum site so I could express my own thoughts and opinions about NYC's subway system. And I'd like to hear other's thoughts and opinions as well.
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