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  1. I had took 12 NovaBus LFs on Bx12. Not a single bit the air conditoner not even turn on and the bus driver say the air conditioner is not working or there a problem with A.C
  2. There was a flat tire that have been spotted on Orion7CNG #7693 today.
  3. What will happen to 5733 - 5765 when Nova Bus Lfs takeover Gun Hill depot
  4. The 50 R42 that is left would have to replace 20 R44 cars.
  5. Don't you mean where is R142A #7631 - #7635?
  6. Does anybody have a pic that had saw new York city subway have been tagged lately .I did not spotted lately this week.
  7. Where is #7423 - #7428 as of right now which depot. I have a question, what is going eastchester depot. You had saw fomer orion5 bee line were running Qbx1 that were New York Bus Service rooster. Pics have been taking. Now there is no fomer orion5 bee line running Eastchester depot. Why Bronx don't have bee line orion5.
  8. When is the. new version nyc subway map going to come out. Service Cut on subway will began June 2010. I would like to see Orange M which line. will it run and what will the last stop be. That the only thing I like to known.
  9. Why would they renumbered R142a , I mean if 6 give away R142a #7211 - #7670 renumbered to #3800 - #4500 series send them to 7 line. Call it r188.?
  10. Why isn't, MTA New York City Bus not thinking about repainting 1999 MCI. MTA had only repainted 1 MCI t:ac:hat #1901?.
  11. Who said Coney Island yard don't like R68's. If Coney island yard were to give up the R68 #2783 - #2924 , #5001 - #5200 send them Pitkin yard. Mta Nyct subway would got lawsuit by rider who uses R68 on Q and B line. why I said it. If R68 were gone out of Coney Island yard. What Rail car will Coney Island yard would use for Franklin Avenue Shuttle line. The rebirth of R32 running Franklin Avenue Shuttle.
  12. #9888 is not R160A. #9888 IS R160b. Built by Kawasaki. If I misunderstanding R160 #9888 - #9892 are using Alstom Transaction? I thought R160 be testing on the B line for providing extra service for Rush Hours.
  13. MTA Bus have been used for subway shuttle. Only for the A line.
  14. Jamaica yard had completed Receiving R160. So what going to happen next. Is Jamica yard still going to send R46 to Pitkin Yard to A, C line. Pitkin Yard have 180 R46 cars? and when G line slated to get cut back service. So G line last stop is Court Square. So G line will be based out of Coney Island yard. So that would mean JYD will have enough cars to put E,F, R line into service. And they will able to send more of it R46, so it will replace R44.
  15. when mta nyct. bought Trioborugh Corp... what would be original name of the depot ( except calling LGA Depot) would be known as?

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