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  1. They certainly do share information and ideas. When LA has needed advice on various topics I know that they have consulted with NYCT both through APTA and independently. As far as the way that advisories are worded I think that the MTA has the best. Ours are ok, but not quite as friendly.
  2. I've been to every state except North and South Dakota and IINM every city in the US over 500k except Seattle, Houston, and San Antonio. Transit systems aren't that many. NYCT, DART, WMATA, NJT, LIRR, Paris, London, Montreal, LA, SF, Sacramento, San Diego, MARTA. I think that's it.
  3. Top frequency in Paris is every 105 seconds on Line 1, soon to be every 90 seconds with automation. In Los Angeles the red and purple lines are every 600 seconds which is a combined 300 seconds on the trunk. Undoubtedly the worst of any city its size.
  4. They might fit since they are only 2 or so inches taller, but they aren't wide enough to use WMATA platforms. And 75' with 3 doors is what we have in LA for about the same ridership per mile. Seems about right to me. BART cars only have two doors!
  5. I've heard you speak on a couple of videos. You sound normal to me and I don't think that you have any accent at all.
  6. I agree that people don't know transit terminology but it is what it is. In Los Angeles most people call our light rail, subway, and commuter rail the same thing...the train. When people do make a distinction for light rail I usually hear people call it a streetcar, trolley, or tram. I don't recall ever hearing "light rail". Of course I frequently overhear our light rail train operators referred to a "bus drivers" so what can you do... I also have never heard "BRT" outside of transit circles. People call our BRT line the "Orange Line". Never BRT.
  7. Not my pics. Blurring the line between light and heavy rail. Should be open any year now... Soto Station Mariachi Station
  8. I'm sure that's not Anaheim. I think that you mean Disneyworld, not Disneyland.
  9. Of course people can sue you. You meant to ask if they will win. That depends, but if they are in a public space they generally should have no expectation of privacy, so they will likely lose.
  10. lol. We must be about the same age or you have an old soul! I like all of those a lot! But The Commodores sang Brick House. I hadn't even thought of the first song in a decade or two. That was never a hit outside the NYC area AFAIK. I'd also add that the greatest disco song of all time, bar none, is Thelma Houston's version of "Don't Leave Me This Way". Others I like are: You make me feel - Sylvester Shadow Dancing - Andy Gibb Flashlight - P-Funk Wind Me Up - Bootsy Just Be Good to Me - SOS Band
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j28kZ_h4guA This is an example of the drama on Hollywood Blvd. Notice that Batman didn't get involved. Caped Crusader indeed!
  12. Actually no. We have the same stuff in Hollywood which IINM is where it started. The LAPD is very good at keeping them from demanding tips from tourists. Most of the time they harass each other instead of tourists.

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