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  1. Hey Will, Sorry for the late reply. Yeah, this is our last week of S/A school. We hit the road for good on Friday. However, our first real taste of the job came today. We were all assigned to assume full control over a booth for the first time under the watchful eye of an experienced S/A. I personally got lucky today & drew an extraordinarily nice & knowledgeable S/A who baby-stepped me through everything. We have one more day of this, graduation on Thursday, and then it's for keeps. Did any of us happen to trickle down your way for training?
  2. Yeah, I did. I report to 130 Livingston on 2/11 & 2/12. After that, it's off to PS 248, which is great because I live within walking distance of the school.
  3. I remember on the F train the Neptune Ave station used to be named "Van Sicklen", Not Van Sicklen St or ave...just "Van Sicklen".. According to the wiki, the station bore the name of the family that once owned the land in which the station was originally built way back when the line ran on grade. It was probably the only station in the system that simply referenced a land owner's name as opposed to an actual place name like a street, avenue, or neighborhood. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neptune_Avenue_%28IND_Culver_Line%29
  4. My opinion of my fellow New Yorkers was shattered long ago. Trust me, working in a hospital as an HCI was no bargain either. I was required to conduct in-depth interviews with patients in the emergency room where I would frequently get coughed & sneezed on. I also once accidentally stepped in the urine-filled bedpan of a sick old woman who had a chronic kidney infection. I was also required to interview psych patients as well. At least as an S/A I'll have a layer of thick glass to serve as a buffer against germs, infected bodily fluids, and lunatics.
  5. Thanks Will! Actually, I do have a question: Obviously, banging out is a major sin for S/As, and rightfully so, considering that some poor sucker will now be forced to work a double in your stead. How accommodating is the MTA with regards to scheduled absences? I mean, if I submitted a request a week in advance to take Good Friday off for religious reasons will I get hassled about it?
  6. Make room in the fish tank....I got sworn in today! I've never had a job that required me to take an oath before, and the only work-related swearing I've ever done is usually under my breath. I feel like I just joined the world's unhippest gang, or something. Class starts 2/11. I can't wait!
  7. Thanks for the info on this. I was actually worried that my three years would be entirely wiped out transferring to the MTA, I know the time I have in is transferrable to the HRA, but I wasn't too sure about the MTA. I have three years invested in the TDA (The HHC's retirement fund), and was hoping that it would be transferrable. I'm also relieved that I won't be tier 6. Thanks again for all the great info & insights!
  8. Willbx718, First off, let me thank you for the comprehensive answers, and for the (hopefully not premature) congratulations. . I think it's cool that the MTA takes the time to at least attempt & train new employees thoroughly with a 30 day course. If I had to guess, I would imagine that great deal of class time must deal with staying alert for scams, counterfeit bills, and learning how to cope with difficult/belligerent customers. I'll try & stay alert.
  9. Yes, that was exactly what I was alluding to. It seemed that I couldn't pick up a newspaper in 2010 without reading something about pending SA layoffs. I remember feeling lucky that the MTA hadn't called me yet. Hopefully, what primomjr78 wrote is true and we wont see anything like that again in our lifetime.
  10. Well, I wouldn't say that I "love" people, but I've been called every name in the book (both in and out of bed) at least ten times over the years & have a pretty thick skin. Hopefully, that'll get me through on those days where all of my customer interactions seem to have a gypsy curse on them.
  11. I actually got called for SA AFC after having taken the exam in June 2008. I'm scheduled to report for the pre-interview & medical exam this Friday. I honestly thought the MTA was phasing out the SA position, and I'm genuinely surprised to have been called after all this time. With that in mind, is there any future as a Station Agent? The whole point of going to work for the MTA (or any public sector job) is to have a little job security. If I'm only going to be declared a "redundancy" in one or two years, I won't bother. Also, what does the "pre-interview" entail? The name suggest
  12. Mugsy

    Hi My friends

    m1c2e3 - I want your job! I took the Station Agent exam back on 6/14. Good luck on the ATD exam. Unfortunately, I can't answer your questions regarding that exam because I don't even know what an ATD is. Hopefully, someone else here can help you with the info you requested. Oh, and of course, welcome to the forums. B)
  13. ROFL!!! I got stumped on the same two questions. What are the odds of that happening? The first thing I did when I got home was to Google Murray Hill to find out precisely where it was, and to confirm what streets bordered City Hall in Manhattan. I guess like most lifelong Brooklynites, I'm way too provincial for my own good. I can recite every neighborhood in Brooklyn in my sleep, but when it comes to fancy-schmanzy Manhattan, there are still some nooks & crannies that I'm not familiar with. ABE123 - I don’t recall what all four choices were, but the two I distinctly recall was your s

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