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  1. I didn't take that exam. but if it is a city exam, you'll have to wait for your score. then if you passed you will be given a list number. and from there, when your list number comes up, you will be given the necessary assessment ( psych, med, & etc) to see if you are qualified

  2. From my paper, it shows I have 7 incorrect answers, that ='s to a score of 91.25. I dont think that's a good enough score due to the amount of people who took the exam. There were 3 sessions, that's a lot of people. From what i heard the city only hired 635 from the last exam. so that means you have to score high. well that's my opinion. What do you think??
  3. If MABSTOA is not civil service. would it be wise for someone to leave their civil sevice job to go to MABSTOA????? MAYBE I should have taken the NYCTA bus operator exam too. Dag.
  4. I also taken the test and I also got stuck with the same question,lol about murray hill and chelsea. i also got stuck with WHAT the cross Street of City Hall, B'way and ????. I took my exam at at Lower eastside prep, down off Delancy St. The School had air condition, Thank God. Otherwise, I believe I did ok.
  5. do you have any idea when the conductor test is coming out?
  6. what have you done so far? I hear people have done the drug test and then they received the letter of congrats. have you done anything. how do you stay in touch with oa. is there a list or contact number.
  7. thanks DOB2RTO, you are very informative. I read some of your responses, and i have to say, you know your stuff. It's good to have people that are informative. thanks again.
  8. I'm curious. what happens when a B/O is on route and they have to go to the bathroom. what do they do????
  9. I also received the same letter congratulating me on passing the BOSS, but i having taken the drug test or medical yet. hopefully i get a date soon
  10. welcome, good site here, get all the info you need on this site. enjoy!
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