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  1. Thanks everyone. yea it seems its gonna be about 2 to 3 years for me to be called. but im just happy im gonna get a chance. anyways thanks.
  2. hey whats good guys. i also just got my score and list # for exam 8094. i got a 96 and the list # is 1982. some one already asked this question but i have the same, realistically speaking is my score good enough for me to ever be called. i am willin to wait 4 to 5 years. but yea please let me know if my list # is too low or enough for me to be called. thanks.
  3. whats good. first thanks to all of you. i have been on this site and its been very helpful. this is my first post tho so sorry if i write somethin wrong. i got a couple questions. i am 20 years old, turnin 21 in 2 months and second year of college with 36 credits and graduatin in dec 09. i have ALOT of workin experience but its been all off the books. i have great references if needed too, but i dont think mta would care. my question is would mta accept the off the books work? the reason its off the books was bc fafsa pays me more and some type of scholarship program that pays for everything from books, mta metro, to tution. but i shouldnt be workin, they want us to study more. second who else got questions 36-C, 41-C, 55-D wrong in sesion 2 exam 8094 at fdr? i hope someone protested those questions. i am really shocked i got those wrong. and finally this is for current mta employers what chance do i really have with this current economic situation of gettin the c/r job. i really wanted to do this ever since i was young. i think i got a 96. i asked a freind who works for mta. he is a supervisor but for the maintenece crew so couldnt really tell me. i would like this job by dec 09. thanks to all for the help and answerin my questions. sorry for the long post and please do tell me if i did anythin wrong.
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