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  1. honestly i think R142A on the line is bad.the reason i think this is because the R62A has RFW which makes it fun. but i have a question when the R142A and R62A switch, well it will all happen at once or will it just happen one by one when the R62A and R142A switch?
  2. wow man i love the shots! and i must say that the camera is awsome! what is it?
  3. that'll be dumb,the R142A on the line? and with like only 1 new IRT subway cars on each R142A set? i really think that line should get newer IRT cars
  4. i got 2 things to say 1=its funny to watch a video before you were born 2=it would have been cool if they were a EL line in manhatten,yes there is the but still for the whole line it ran elevated,but it looked very cool
  5. i dont understand it,people always do it,they should seriouly just lock the doors,every day i ride the subway i see a person switching,last time on the i did it,and it was an MTA worker,and he did nothing
  6. ive got to admit,the 4th image looks like a movie comming out soon LOL!
  7. OMFG! thats me with the red strips! shirt near the door!!
  8. it ended like around 1:30-1:45 PM,i though it was only gonna make one stop but i think the T/O wanted to keep riding it,i got a new thread up,check it out,it has over 57 images!
  9. okay i rode it,i toke over 210 photos,AND the train wasnt full,infact the train ran 4 times from TSQ to shea studuim,hold in,im uploading the photos to photo bucket and some videos

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