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  1. So far I have found the following mistakes on your Long Island Transit Map.


    The 3D,S60,S69, and S71 go to John S Toll Drive. The 3D, and S71 going to the Railroad, and the S60 heading to the Mall loop around at the Student Center and John Toll back to Circle road and up to the Railroad Station.


    When the 3D,S71 coming from the Railroad station, and the S60/S69 coming from the mall follow Circle Road then turn on Infirmary road to the student union and exit using John S Toll Drive to Circle and out the exit near the Staller Center.


    All the stops at Smith Haven Mall are on the Northside of the mall where Sterns was again. The S58 and S62 stop at Smith Haven.


    The 7D DOESN'T use Mastic road in Mastic.


    The S66 also stops at SCCC-Riverhead.


    The S58,S60,S61,and 6A use Skips road to Mill Road to get to the Coram Plaza stop.


    The S61 and S63 follow the S54 routing to Patchouge Railroad Station. The S40, S66 and S68 end at the Sixth District Court.

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