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  1. Yes. The (SIR) still uses 5-cars but only during rush hours. My set was A-A-A-A-A (446-412-466-464-444)
  2. We're all happy to meet you!!!
  3. The B70..... it doesn't go inside, but it has it's own little side street where it turns around. The B8 does the same thing.
  4. To me, it feels like every day that at least one or more lines are affected, even weekdays for example, every day there's always a service change: trains skip 14 and 23 sts, trains skip 238-207sts, etc....... Any thoughts?
  5. Well maybe cars 388-435 can be 4-car sets and 436-466 can still be single sets to make 2-car trains.
  6. I think all of the R44-SIRTs don't need to be single units. Here's how I think they can be placed (ABBA): 388-389-391-390 392-393-395-394 396-397-399-398 400-401-403-402 404-405-407-406 408-409-411-410 412-413-415-414 416-417-419-418 420-421-423-422 424-425-427-426 428-429-431-430 432-433-435-434 436-438-440-442 444-446-448-450 452-454-456-458 460-462-464-466 Please comment.
  7. My top favorites are McDonalds Subway Applebees Bari's Pizza, Staten Island You guys are getting me hungry right now.... LOL
  8. Here's some that I know: The S46 makes a U-turn at West Shore Plaza S62/S93 makes a small U-turn ( sometimes they go futher towards the college) S55 U-turn S53, S57, S59, S66, S67: right on Richmond Terrace, right on Park Av, another right on church st, then left on Port Richmond Av. S76 just makes a tight U-turn at Delwitt B64: Left on 5 Av, right on 87th then right at 86th and 4th (first and last stop)
  9. Wonderful Shots! The greatest ones are the , , and .
  10. Nice Pics. The NG O7 is really dominatimg the B41
  11. The best thing to do is just to wait and see for yourself. Don't believe what anyone else says.
  12. I think 242 Van Cortlandt park and 238 St
  13. Nope. Not open. I passed by it this morning it was still not open.
  14. Great photos. I don't understand what's wrong the second photo.

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