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  1. What is minimum dwell time for stations? (10-15 seconds) My opinion: Set the announcements to that time, like "Uptown 5 local train to the Bronx" at the station, do the next station when the train leaves the station, and play the current station half a train length before reaching the station not 2/10ths after reaching the station.
  2. On NLR, they're usually there at Orange St, Military Park, and at Newark Penn.
  3. Utica Av (Between Schenectady and Utica Avs) Cypress Av (It's closer to Jackson Av & 138)
  4. Favorite: , , downtown & uptown from 59th to 207th, and the Least: & in the Bronx, uptown from Chambers to 59th, and the
  5. Only the and had full renovations except for Intervale and the underground stations, the is renovated from Parkchester to Whitlock.
  6. The old style is definitively the way to go, the new style is not the way to go.
  7. I remember... when people grab on to the back of the RTS, the Bee-line MAN and Fixible buses the Bx41 went up White Plains Rd from Nereid to E 241 BXM11 was part of Liberty Lines New York Bus Service used the fishbowls
  8. Riding on R110A on the Riding the Redbirds on the & When Nereid Ave had E 238 St on the station sign When all stations between 241 St & Gun Hill Rd on the had the word "East" on them Being somewhat scared on the in '01 when the train reached the 3rd rail gap (I was 13 at the time, and it my first time on the )
  9. Let me explain. The Best: Intervale: Still has its metal windscreens and still looks new 161-Yankee: Views of Yankee Stadium and the Bronx County Courthouse (I live the Bronx) 125: Easy connection to other trains The Worst: 59: Smells of urine Broadway: Rust and flowing water between the tracks http://www.subwaynut.com/ind/broadwayg/broadwayg11.jpg 149-GC: Rats & garbage on the platform and I think one time I saw feces on the platform
  10. Best: Intervale Ave , 161-Yankee Stadium , and 125th Worst: 59th on the , Broadway , and 149th & Grand Concourse
  11. This is the final part. On July 22, I bought a one day Independence Pass for $11 and took my old photo phone for one last hurrah (for now)
  12. This is part 2. On July 13, I took my Kodak camera and more fun happens. NJ Transit going to Trenton with one Amtrak pic: (last pic was me heading back to NY on the exact same train car 12 hours later) SEPTA with two PATCO pics:
  13. This is a three part series of me going to Philadelphia. On June 30th, I went to Philly one day before the fare hike (which I was not aware of when going there). Took the :nec: from NY Penn to Trenton (took no photos), took the RiverLINE to Walter Rand/ Broadway (also took no photos), then took PATCO to 15th-16th & Locust, then I set my self loose in Philly before taking the Trenton (the old R7) train back into Trenton and back home in the BX. I took these photos with my old phone. PATCO: SEPTA:
  14. :cry: I cried when I saw a bus with the "Bx 41 Williambridge E Gun Hill Rd" yesterday, still haven't seen a Bx 39 with "Bx 39 Wakefield 241 St" yet.
  15. It said Broadway Lcl, (can't remember the rest)
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