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  1. shame this was done with contractors and not their own employees. only the last few seconds do you see a BMA put the windshield wipers back on. even the new and ugly color scheme with some of the new flyer artics are done with this same process and by contractors as well.
  2. you can still move all the way up to manager even as a cleaner. you just need to take the promotion test to helper maintainer OA, then you can take the promotion to CM test. Once there, you can go supervisor and up or into P&E.
  3. Bus lanes may take up space and create more traffic. But their main purpose is to cause traffic nightmare and make people leave their cars home and take mass transit.
  4. a week or 2. they usually call you or send a letter. At the moment MaBSTOA is way better than MTA Bus......paid lunch hour and stronger shop union!!!
  5. it don't matter whether your are ta or oa. its who you know.....some get demoted, others get to retirement with their pension intact. I knew a AGM(OA guy) who got busted for nepotism....affair with a B/O in the same depot. they told him to retire or be fired.
  6. be aware that the MTA is currently running a scam of a sort by having people take exams for B/O and maintenance position of MTA Bus/MaBSTOA. What it is, the MTA offers you a choice MTA Bus for immediate employment for less money and crummy work conditions or be placed on a long waiting list for MaBSTOA which has better pay and work conditions. For example, starting pay for a bus mechanic in MTA Bus is like 21/hr with no paid lunch and OA is 29/hr with paid lunch. Plus, for the maintenance people once you choose MTA Bus your name will be taken off the list and can't go back for a MaBSTOA position when its available. Also, someone from MTA Bus should chime in.......but from what i heard MTA Bus employee pass don't work on the subways and/or TA/OA bus.
  7. In the DOB its usually superintendent,assistant general superintendent, general superintendent, then you move onto manager level......assistant general manager(depot manager), general manager(division).
  8. not sure which list they are on, but i do believe there is a bunch of BMB at zerega training right now.
  9. issues with different unions and contracts. Currently, MTA Bus is in a mess.Completely different work rules and stuff when compared to TA/OA.

  10. Thanks for info armax1980 went to the orientation it was basically like you said 7am-3pm . My question is after training some people will work at the jfk depot and some be at tje college point depot. I don't understand how everybody that's going to the college point depot is making 14 dollars an hour while the jfk workers are gonna make 13.62 an hour

  11. training is generally on days 7a-3p. after the two week training, most positions they have available will be mostly at night 10p-6a,11:30p-7:30a,12a-8a. The first week after training is the make it or break week. Don't let the idea of sweeping 63 buses scare you.once you get the hang of it, it'll be the easiest job you've ever have that pays $25/hr(top pay)

  12. I got to report to the bronx for the cleaner/maintenance/helper for orientation.My question is I haven't quit my old job yet didn't really get too much info about this position will the training begin on the following day after the orientation is there a night shift position. Can any give me a little info on this position

  13. every depots have ramp lines. it all comes down to how many shifting tricks are there and each pick they cut more and more shifting tricks to save money. I keep telling the drivers, if you don't like waiting on ramp lines. Come back to the depot 2 hrs early. By the time you pull in, you should just be clearing.
  14. transit medical equipment are known to be unreliable. a coworker of mine went in for a hearing check and was told he was losing his hearing. He went to his own doctor and check out everything ok. File a appeal.
  15. don't remember if you get paid for orientation, but on that day they just talk about what to expect on the job and info about your benefits/pension/medical plans. Plus, you'll get your ID pass and when to report to zerega for training. You select your depot on the last day of your training. Training class is two weeks mon-fri 7am-3pm.
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