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  1. So now you are threatening me? You know what, i'm done with this place. I've been on alot of transit boards and have encountered the rudest, most immature people here at NYCTF. I've posted plenty of positive stuff, just look at the latest videos that I put up of NJ Transit buses. Those dont get any replies tho. You guys just like beating me up over this. The drivers are shutting off the HVAC, I've seen them doing it. I'm sorry but I DONT WANT TO BREATHE OTHER PEOPLE'S GERMS OK. I guess y'all are OK with that. Dont complain that you get sick all the time. LIRR dont shut off ventilation, bec
  2. How come all the subway and LIRR trains I was on had HVAC, then? What makes a bus any different?
  3. Don't I have a right to express my opinion without getting mocked? I dont think being in a confined space that is crowded with no ventilation is considered a good thing. Why do LIRR trains always have HVAC then? Why dont they shut it off like so many LIB drivers do? I also like being able to see out the windows, also, something you cant do on a bus with fogged up windows because the ventilation was shut off. The MTA rides drivers on so many ridiculous things, yet this is one thing they dont even bother teaching the newer b/o's about. Just ask a veteran driver friend of mine (who goes by the
  4. That's because no one gives a :cry:about Long Island Bus.
  5. Cruising thru Howell into Freehold.
  6. The CNG's definately seem abit slower overall, but they still are fast once they get moving. These have Series 60G, right?
  7. All routes? So come July I'll be standing on the roof of the N27?
  8. There really is a huge need to consolidate LIB and NYCT routes within Queens. For instance, eliminating the Q12 and replacing it with N20 trips,etc. Also routes in the SE Portion of the county, which have the lightest ridership, need to be changed. N73 needs to be eliminated in favor of hourly N74 service which starts earlier and ends later and runs on Sunday, the N74 would be extended to Syosset via Woodbury Rd and S.Oyster Bay Rd.. N80 and N81 need to be combined into a route that runs hourly and on Sundays. The N48 or N49 need to be extended along Jericho Turnpike in Syosset to Woodbury C
  9. I dont. NJT has better QC and maintanance than Academy, from what I've been told.
  10. I still think CP was better with Queens Surface. They took good care of their buses. I hate the way the MTA changed the seating in the buses. Triboro was pretty bad though, but I miss having the Orion V CNG Express coaches on the Q53, that was always fun (except when we broke down of course). Back in the day we called them Trihorror or Triboro Roach and Spleen Lines...:eek:
  11. Yeah I dont get on RVC routes much, except for the N35, which I think is split. It'd be nice to have those WF Orion 7 CNG over here.
  12. Wow, the ones at LIB dont do that at all.
  13. Well a driver told me they are starting to have frame issues. I can tell you even the 1600s have a huge rust problem just below the windshield, I really dont know what its from.
  14. Well, from what I've heard, they will have driver barriers and pull cords. I sure hope the seating arrangement is different. One thing needs to get rid of is the Clever Devices though. I think the new order may not have them. Of course I've been on the NYCT NGs and see they have pull cords and driver barriers. I really hope the seating arrangement will be the same as NYCT's.

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