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  1. I don't know where the hell you are making your assumption from when you say that Bronx Science doesn't mean anything anymore. Do you even go to the damn school? If you don't then you have no damn right to say SHIT about the school. You're probably just ******* reciprocating your emotions becuase you were perhaps one of the rejects from Bronx Science from Stuyvesant or shit. Bronx Science kids are actually one of the more academically motivated group of students in the damn city. To imagine that a majority of seniors in that school take AP courses as opposed to selecting an easy schedule with tons of free periods, and take on extra curriculars (i.e. sports, teams, clubs, etc). So for you to come out of no where and say that BxSci doesnt' mean anything anymore just tells me that you are a narrow minded individual who doesn't know anything and only base your facts off of the reflection of your face in the toilet bowl as you are scrubbing your shit from the rims.
  2. lmao! that'd be me yes the is a definite "must-need" for the 7 Avenue Local/Express Line
  3. CentralHK


    Hello, all Name: Ross Anderson (alias, my real name will be kept hidden [: ) Reason why i'm here? Cus i love transit (mainly trains) I grew up in Hong Kong and my apt was a block from the MTR station. My parents and relatives said i was always in love with trains so ever since then i guess i've developed a love for it. I ride the new york city transit everyday to get to school and occasionally just for the fun of it. I love hte train, and i dont think the signs are complete without the .. I'mextremely naive and gullible i joined so i can meet other ppl who share the same compassion i have for trains. btw: fav trains? (Q6)
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