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  1. Mhm. I can sympathize with you there. A lot of it probably has to do with the bureaucracy... I'm here in Boston, but I imagine it must be similar with the MTA in NY... Just don't give up hope, and don't get too tangled up in it emotionally. If you get too tangled up in it emotionally you'll just be killing yourself to no benefit. The biggest lesson I've learned has been to just have the patience to let things move s..l..o..w..l...y.
  2. ...I've read some alarming things regarding transit police and railfan photographers on the CTA...
  3. I'm a graduate student in Biomedical Engineering here in Boston. http://www.mta.info/nyct/hr/projects.htm
  4. Rather than continuing to repeat your opinion, would you care to actually address the specific points in my previous posts in this thread?
  5. In each past incident, if I recall correctly, he only defied authorities' instructions after a significant amount of time had passed without direct supervision from said authorities. And in each case, he only defied said authorities' instructions in order to get back to 'work' in the transit system. Both of the above issues would be rendered moot if he were hired by the TA in some - any - capacity. He would be subject to direct supervision, and he would already be working in the transit system, so he wouldn't need to defy any instructions in order to get back to work in the transit system.
  6. I'm a graduate student in Biomedical Engineering... the majority of my time is spent in doing research in the field of targeted drug delivery. I don't actually spend much time on pure railfanning... I take the subway every (week)day (and sometimes weekends too!) to go to the lab, and take it every Saturday (and some Sundays!) to get around town, do grocery shopping, and run errands. That usually about satiates my drive to ride the subway! I've really only made one pure railfanning trip; that trip involved a short excursion down to Ashmont Station to take a pleasant, quick round-trip ride o
  7. Some people, for various reasons (more below), vehemently oppose any suggestion that Darius McCollum be hired by the TA in any capacity whatsoever. Here I would like to offer a reasoned counterpoint to the most commonly used arguments against hiring McCollum in any capacity: McCollum poses, or would pose, a safety risk to riders. Unless "guilty until proven innocent" is the new standard for judging in the U.S., there is no reason to claim that McCollum poses, or would pose, a safety risk to riders. McCollum does not have any record of putting any riders in harm's way. In fact, he's even h
  8. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.
  9. Wait... so you're saying that people - even people without cameras - are at risk of being detained/questioned/etc. if they simply go near an airport when they don't absolutely need to be there for work purposes or to catch a flight? Sounds ominous. Thanks for the heads-up, I'll be sure to give a wide berth to Logan Airport. I was planning on seeing firsthand how long it would take to get from South Station (Red Line) to Airport Station (Blue Line) if one were to take the Silver Line from South Station to Logan Airport and then transfer to an airport shuttle to get to Airport Station, but n
  10. Actually, CharlieCards are available free of charge (one advantage of the MBTA over, say, WMATA). You can get CharlieCards (with no value loaded) free of charge from MBTA Customer Service Agents in all subway stations and select bus terminals. Once you get a CharlieCard, you can load stored value or a T Pass (such as a 1-day LinkPass) on it using any T fare vending machine (FVM). You can also buy CharlieCards with value preloaded via the MBTA's website; you can, for example, order a CharlieCard with $5.00 value preloaded via the MBTA's website, for $5.00 (there is no surcharge for the card
  11. I'm a fan of public transit in general and of the MBTA in particular. I stumbled across this board a few days ago, took a look around, and decided to join up.

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