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  1. My first post in a long while, but here's my take on some of the Bronx buses and their annual ridership: -Bx1/2: no surprise in its gains, but I would have to thank the frequent midday construction on the which requires trains in one direction to run express north of 149th Street, causing some riders to rely on (and eventually -- get comfortable with) the bus. And despite the negative reputation of the stations along the line, annual ridership at every Concourse Line station has increased (with some such as Kingsbridge, Fordham, Tremont and 205th with 100,000+ gains apiece), so don't blame the for the Bx1/2 gain. -Bx3: I'm pretty shocked that it lost 178,000 annual riders in 2014. The only possible scapegoat is the frequent bunching of the Bx3's, thanks to traffic and construction along its entire route (and it's not just restricted to Washington Heights and the 181st Street Bridge, there have also been some street repaving and frequent double parking along the narrow Sedgwick Ave). -Bx7/10/20: the elected officials do have justification over their complaints about the bunching and delays on these three routes. Their combined annual ridership decreases proves it. -Bx12: Don't just thank the monstrosity that is the Mall at Bay Plaza, but thank Fordham and Inwood's ridership for the increase. -Bx13: obvious, more folks en route to Bronx Terminal Market are taking this route between the mall and 161st Street (and even to High Bridge). Just see the number of riders with shopping carts who use the Bx13. -Bx15: while I do appreciate the gains, I am concerned about the many 40-footers used on the route specifically on weekends. I also worry about the high traffic on 125th Street causing the Bx15's to bunch. -Bx19: like the Bx3, I am surprised that it lost 100,000+ in 2014. But the heavy traffic along most of its route is encouraging more to take either the (2)/(5) trains, or crosstown buses to travel between the Southern Blvd/149th St strips and Upper Manhattan. -Bx21: blame the bunching on the Bx15 that cause some to use the Bx21 to travel between 149th and 163rd Sts, especially on weekends. -Bx22: I am really concerned about this route. In 2009, it was a top-ten Bronx route in annual ridership. Now, the Bx35, Bx21 and others have overtaken this route. I have a feeling that there will be more cuts, despite this route being one of the few that travels between the Southeast Bronx (Castle Hill, Soundview, Parkchester) and the Northwest Bronx (Kingsbridge, Fordham, etc). Unfortunately, the Bx22 does deal with traffic along Fordham and construction along Unionport Rd. -Bx41: I am glad that the route returned to 2009-level annual ridership. The SBS has done wonders for that route, especially during off-peak periods.
  2. No way. The Bx17 and Bx21 are dealing with bunching as it is.
  3. I have not posted in an eternity, but here are my thoughts on the 2013 bus statistics (specifically for the Bronx). -Bx12: its gains do not surprise me thanks to the areas it serves (commercial areas in Fordham and Bay Plaza and the strong residential portions of Pelham Parkway and University Heights). -Bx15: I am part of the chorus who expected a larger gain for the Bx15 following its absorption of the Bx55 in June 2013. But I think the bunching of the Bx15, the Select Bus Service on the nearby Bx41 and the many crosstown options also contribute to this. -Bx6: my home route. A lot of the new housing near 3rd and Melrose Avenues contribute to it hitting near 7.5 million annual riders. -Bx22: it has been losing riders every year for the past few years. It surprises me because it serves big commercial areas like Fordham, big residential areas in Parkchester, Bronx Park East and Castle Hill, and the educational mile along Goulden Avenue. Not to mention it is one of the few Bronx routes that travels from the Southeastern part of the borough (i.e. Castle Hill, Parkchester, Soundview) to the northwestern part (i.e. Fordham, Kingsbridge, Bedford Park). -Bx39: its extension to Wakefield has done wonders for this route. I know there are some here who still want the Bx41 to run to 241st, but the Bx39 has done pretty well since its extension (and not to mention, the Bx41 does not bunch as it once did a few years ago). -Bx21: I forgot to mention that due to the bunching of the Bx15, the Bx21 has picked up a very good deal of riders south of 163rd Street (with most of them heading to/from the 149th St/3rd Av station). And like the Bx6, the new housing between 163rd and 156th Streets plays a pivotal role in this. -Bx13: picked up a good gain thanks to the extension to Bronx Terminal Market.
  4. No, no. The M100 stays the same south of Dyckman Street. Once it hits Dyckman, it will turn and go east instead of continuing up Broadway. From there, it would turn onto 10th Avenue to serve the Dyckman Housing Projects. While this might bring service to Dyckman Houses, the shops on Dyckman Street and the Sherman Creek area (east of 10th Av), this would mean taking some service away from a busy Broadway stretch between Dyckman and 207th. In addition, 10th Av and Dyckman get very busy on Friday and Saturday nights, thanks to the many drivers clogging up streets to go to the many nightclubs that are along the strip.
  5. I personally like this entire concept, but I have a feeling residents would continue to complain until practically, every bus goes to every section (or most sections).
  6. Take the to 82nd Street/Jackson Heights, then take the Q33 to LGA Terminal B.
  7. I actually did propose that, with the Bx1 replacing the Bx7 along Riverdale Avenue south of 239th St. It would've ended at 246th, but the Bx1 would've been too long and I don't think the terminal could've handled artics. The term "West Bronx" is quite debatable. Some say it's the Bronx west of the Bronx River. Others say it's west of Jerome Avenue, where the numbered streets are marked "West" instead of "East."
  8. The traffic on 125th St that causes delays makes Bx15 service on 3rd Avenue unreliable. Not to mention, there are plenty of alternatives to travel between 149th St and 125th St.
  9. Same here. The stops in the Heights are too close apart. For instance, one stop is at 190th, next at 189th, then 187th, 184th, 181st. And while it sounds great to cut some of those stops, the ridership in some of those stops are pretty good, as elderly folks and those who choose to avoid the and use the Bx7 (and M100) on Broadway in the Heights. And if you think traffic there is bad on a regular day, wait until the summer (especially on a Friday and Saturday night) as motorcycles and tons of cars will use Broadway as their personal parade.
  10. For the Bx22 ridership, I think it could be riders being turned off by the Pelham Pkwy/Fordham Rd construction, or riders traveling along Fordham preferring the Bx12 over the Bx22. As for which bus goes to Lehman from Fordham, I would keep the Bx20 there and cut the Bx22 back. Remember, the Bx26 and Bx28 come from the Northeastern Bronx. The Bx20 would serve riders coming from the south-central Bronx (such as West Farms, Hunts Point). By the way, here's update 5 Bronx Bus Overhaul (Update 5) Bx2: restored along E 165 St/Melrose Av, use Bx1 for south of E 165 St & Bx13 for E 149 St Southbound: Grand Concourse, E 165 St, Melrose Av, E 149 St, Courtlandt Av, 3 Av Northbound: 3 Av, E 152 St, Melrose Av, E 162 St, Teller Av, E 165 St, Grand Concourse Bx6: runs the full route late nights More on the Bx6 in the Bx46 article Bx7A: formerly Bx20 same schedule as current Bx20 Bx8: extended north to E 242 St/Katonah Av Route: Bronxwood Av, E 233 St, Katonah Av Bx9: runs between 262nd St/Bway and Fordham Plaza use Bx37 for West Farms & new Bx20 for Southern Blvd Bx11: new western terminus is River Park Towers replaces Bx18 on Undercliff/Sedgwick Avs, use Bx13/35 for Ogden Av/Wash Hts Route: W 168 St, W 167 St, Sedgwick Av, Undercliff Av Bx13: extended to E 146 St/Willis Av replaces Bx2 on E 149 St Route: River Av, E 149 St, Courtlandt Av, E 146 St, Willis Av, Bergen Av school trippers currently running to 3 Av/163rd St truncated to Yankee Stadium use Bx6/46 for E 161/E 163 Sts Bx15/55: merged (Bx15) runs between Fordham Plaza and Lexington Av/E 125 St use Bx41 for north of Fordham northbound rerouted via Madison Av Bridge S/B: 3 Av, E 139 St, Morris Av, 3 Av Bridge, E 129 St, Lexington Av N/B: E 125 St, Madison Av, Madison Av Bridge, E 138 St, 3 Av, E 136 St, Lincoln Av, 3 Av Bx15 Local: runs between Fordham and 3 Av/E 138 St Sta 6am-8pm Weekdays and Late nights, runs to Harlem evenings and weekends only Bx15 Limited: runs between Fordham and Lex Av/E 125 St 6am-8pm weekdays Stops Fordham Plaza/3 Av E 183 St E 180 St E Tremont Av Claremont Pkwy E 168 St E 163 St E 149 St E 138 St/Lincoln Av E 125 St/Lexington Av Bx17: new southern terminus is E 132 St/Willow Av southbound buses rerouted via Brook Av S/B: E 149 St, Brook Av, E 133 St, Bruckner Bl, E 134 St, Willow Av N/B: Willow Av, E 132 St, St. Ann’s Av Bx18: eliminated, use Bx11 Bx19: truncated to West Farms Rd/Southern Blvd, use new Bx20 for points north Current Bx20: see Bx7A New Bx20: runs between E 149 St/Prospect Av and Paul Av/W 205 St 6am-8pm weekdays terminates at Fordham Rd/Valentine Av evenings & weekends replaces Bx19 north of West Farms Rd and Bx22 on Goulden Av Route: Southern Blvd, Fordham Rd, Kingsbridge Rd, Goulden Av Bx22: all buses terminate at Fordham Rd/Valentine Av use Bx20 for Goulden Av Bx26: extended west to Broadway/W 230 St Route: Bedford Park Bl, Goulden Av, Kingsbridge Rd, 225 St, Bway Bx27: new northern terminus is E 180 St (2/5) Station use Bx4/4A for Westchester Av N/B: Rosedale Av, E 180 St, Bronx Park Av, Lebanon St, DeVoe Av S/B: DeVoe Av, E 180 St, E Tremont Av, Taylor Av, E 174 St, Rosedale Av Bx28 & Bx38: merged (Bx28) runs between Co-op City/Earhart Lane and VA Hospital via All Sections Route: Paul Av, Bedford Park Blvd, Goulden Av, Kingsbridge Rd, Webb Av New Bx28 Limited Service, runs rush hours only (Bx28 locals only run to Norwood during this time) Erskine Pl/Earhart Lane Einstein Loop/Hutch Pkwy East Co-op City Blvd/Bartow Av Bellamy Loop North/Co-op City Blvd Rombouts Av (Carver Loop) Dreiser Loop West Donizetti Pl (Truman HS)/Baychester Av Edson Av/Bartow Av Knapp St/Gun Hill Rd station Boston Rd Bronxwood Av White Plains Rd Montefiore Hospital/Bainbridge Av E 206 St runs local to VA Hospital Bx31: extended south to Castle Hill/Zerega Avs to serve Unionport Route: Lane Av, Commerce Av, Zerega Av Bx36: split into two routes, Bx36 and Bx37 -Bx36: runs between Washington Heights and E 180 St (2/5) Sta Restructured Bx36 Limited Service, runs rush hours only (during this time, Bx36 locals do not run into Manhattan) Stops runs local in Manhattan Cross Bronx Exp/University Av W Tremont Av Jerome Av/Tremont Av Grand Concourse (both sides) Tremont Av/Webster Av Webster Av/E 180 St 3 Av Crotona Av Southern Blvd Boston Rd Morris Park Av -Bx37: runs between Fordham Plaza and Castle Hill/Zerega Avs replaces Bx9 in West Farms and Bx36 on E 174 St/White Plains Rd Route: E Fordham Rd, Southern Blvd, E 180 St, Boston Rd, Hoe/Vyse Avs, E 174 St, Cross Bronx Expwy, White Plains Rd, Lacombe Av, Castle Hill Av Bx40: becomes East Tremont Av Limited 6am-8pm weekdays use Bx42 for local Stops runs local to Randall/Tremont Avs Randall Av/Tremont Av Bruckner Blvd Westchester Square Castle Hill Av Unionport Rd Rosedale Av West Farms Square Southern Blvd Crotona Av 3 Av Webster Av Grand Concourse/Burnside Av (both sides) runs local to River Park Towers Bx46: becomes a branch of Bx6, runs 6am-8pm weekdays, 8am-8pm weekends runs between Barretto Point Park and Yankee Stadium 6am-8pm weekdays extended to Riverside Drive/W 158 St weekends route: Tiffany St, Lafayette Av, Hunts Point Av, 163 St, Elton Av, 161 St, Macombs Dam Bridge, 155 St Bx6 and 46 combined headways Rush hrs: 4 (8 for each) Middays: 5 (10 for each) Weekends: 7.5 (15 for each) Evenings: 10-12 (Bx6 only) Late Nights: 30 (Bx6 only) For the bunching issue, here are my takes on it. Bx7: in addition to that brief stretch on Broadway between 230th and 231st, the traffic in Washington Heights/Inwood travels pretty slowly. Not to mention, the stops there are spaced very closely, yet well-used. Bx10: I don't know so much about how it is in deep Riverdale, but I know the turns in Norwood (Gun Hill-Bainbridge and Gun Hill-Jerome), the traffic along Jerome Av (in the shopping district) and the slow traffic along Van Cortlandt Avenue West (hit by traffic coming from the Deegan to reach Lehman College and points east).
  11. Actually, it's the opposite. I want those from other parts of the Bronx to reach Riverdale, mainly because of access to schools, and most importantly, jobs. Riverdale has a high number of health facilities, senior care centers, places requiring home health aides, clinics among other things. And the tried-and-true way is that a person would take a job with a pretty decent (usually one-two buses or a bus-subway combo) commute. But for those coming from the southern, eastern and northeastern parts of the borough, getting to Riverdale is not easy. This is why I wanted to send the Bx26 to Marble Hill and flirted with sending the Bx22 there too. Then there's the case with my Bx10 to Woodlawn proposal. As I mentioned in previous posts, Woodlawn and Riverdale are often in the same political districts and have relatively high senior populations. However, Woodlawn is small and lacks the many senior-gearing services found in Riverdale. In addition, most of the district offices for politicians serving these two neighborhoods are found in Riverdale (such as Councilman Oliver Koppell -- 3636 Waldo Avenue, Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz -- 3107 Kingsbridge Avenue, and Congressman Eliot Engel -- 3655 Johnson Avenue).
  12. Sorry about that B35, the only thing I am waiting for in the next update is your suggestion on what should I do with the Bx22?
  13. For sending buses to Marble Hill, I wanted to improve access to the Riverdale/Kingsbridge area from other parts of the Bronx (especially parts east of the Bronx River), thus sending the Bx26 and Bx22 there. To answer your question, it's about both. You bring up a point about the Bx9 and Bx22 coordination. If I do have the Bx9 only run from Riverdale to Fordham, I would not need the Bx22 to run along Kingsbridge/225th either. I'm actually concerned for the Bx22, a route that was once in the top 10 in annual Bronx ridership. It has lost ridership for the past two years. If I cut all Bx22's to Fordham Center, those coming from Parkchester and Pelham Parkway would have a tough time reaching Lehman and the schools. If I send all of them to the schools, Goulden Av would be overserved (with the Bx22 and the Bx20). Since I've been having a tough time with this, which option should I take with the Bx22? Cut it back to Fordham or send all of them to Lehman during weekdays only?
  14. To me, the Bx7 and 10 don't have as bad of a bunching problem compared to other routes.
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