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  1. Those sign readings would be from a Coliseum depot sign. Walnut depot wasn't used as a regular depot until the original West Farms depot closed in the mid-1980s.
  2. I remember these days fondly as I grew up in the Bronx during the 1970s. I also have plenty of these maps buried somewhere in my mother's house. Yes, the DOT PBL express routes didn't appear on bus maps in those days. In those days the X27 was a Fifth Ave route and X28 & X29 operated from Ulmer Park. Hunts Point had two services. T he regular Bx34 (Todays's Bx6). Also there was also a weekday shuttle route. The Bx34A shuttle operated around the market. Most Bronx route numbers changed with the huge changes of the early/mid 1980s. That was a very exciting time as as routes, route numbers, depot assignments and bus moves happened all at once. The X61 was indeed a TA route. It operated from KB. Highbridge was densly populated in those days as it still is today. The Bx49 was one of those routes that never had more than a few passengers. Yes, Third Ave was one-way northbound. it was converted to one-way traffic flow when the IRT Third Ave el (#8) was discontinued and replaced with the newly created Bx55 bus in 1973. In those days the Bx55 (and Bx29) operated n/b along Third Av e and S/b along Washington Ave. The Bx55 was such a fun route back in those days as they made very good time along Third Ave and Washington Aves. I always thought they got really slow once Third Ave was converted back to two-way traffic flow. For those wondering... the Bx55 operated from KB from day one up til the old KB closed, then it went to the newly operned Gun Hill. Of course the route went back to the current KB when it opened.

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