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  1. is there is a particular part of the CDL book i can study for the bus exam?
  2. do anyone know what part of the CDL book to study for the bus exam?
  3. hey guys, i was wondering if a past conviction of a DUI/DWI can effect you getting hired as a Bus Operator? i had rvcd a DUI on aug 2010 ...i have a exam to take on jan 26/2013 and was wondering if i am just waisting my time taking this test?
  4. question..if i received a DUI conviction on aug 2010..can this disqualify me if i ever get called?
  5. i know what you mean...i dont think i will ever be called since i scored a 91 and my list number is in the 6000+ range..my brother got his 2nd call last week and they told him to have a light lunch( have no clue)
  6. this sucks..my brother just got his letter and he was in the 500's i scored a 91 and my list# is 6536 i guess i wont get a letter anytime soon LOL
  7. i dont drink on a regular ..i currently work in a stress enviroment(hospital) so i know what stress is..LOL.. i would never be stupid to come to work drunk.. that is just ridiculous
  8. i dont have a CDL..i was planning on getting my permit when i take the exam..as for thinking wise i know it was dum but shit happens and now i got to live with this shit..cost me tons of money and my insurance went sky high..i have friends who are bus drivers for the MTA and i asked them also and they told me just take it ..there was a guy at his job also that had a dui while working for mta as a bus driver but they gave him a 19a..i have no clue but he currently still working there
  9. hey guys, i know the exam is out right now for the bus operator..my question is ..lasy year 2010 of august i got convicted of a DUI..what are my chances that they will consider me..i just dont wanna waiste my time and take the test knowing i wont get hired because i had a DUI last year.. i currently have my license without no points
  10. got a 90.666....list # in the 6xxx(thousand) range..my brother got a 98.5 and his list number is 5xx(hundred)
  11. the last 2 questions about the track diagram for session#2..i put the first train is going straight and the second was open-close-close-close
  12. Sounds good..just printed one out from mta.info..goodluck everybody..thanks for the guys who had patients for my stupid questions just been so stressful when your trying to secure your life with a good paying job
  13. i wanted to start a thread for us to brush up for this T/O exam on june 6rh 2009 my questions are which train to take to get to statue of liberty? i need all the LANDMARKS in nyc they will ask and how to get there for EXample which stop do you get off for the tallest tree in NYC? answer: rockafeller st Empire state building answer:34st etc etc
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