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  1. Ammo you'll do fine man trust me. Today was my first day out, I was on the board. And my entire day consisted of me watching T.V and waiting for a job. Few people said in all their years they've never saw a person on their first day clear on the board. I think I mad history. Lol
  2. Hey folks. Well I'm 2 steps closer to becoming an OFFICIAL conductor. Passed midterm yesterday (perfect score). Today passed the practical exam. Next up is posting which is Friday, I have the A train. I'm really looking forward to just being out there on the road and getting the full affect of being a conductor. You can be in school car for a year and in my opinion it's nothing like going out and really doing the job. Dealing with door problems, customers, even filling out a overtime sheet. I think posting will be fun. Lol but not to get to ahead of myself I still have the road practical and the final exam so I gotta keep a level head. School car ain't over yet, BUT DAMN NEAR. Lol
  3. Subwayguy you are dead on with everything you just mentioned. Funny how I thought conductors just open and close doors as well as make announcements. Boy was I WRONG! Lol
  4. Thanks. I got to choose. I wanted the B division. Some people who wanted the A just wasn't fortunate enough. By the time it's was their time to select it was filled up. Oh you also have to choose you pay location. Until you get direct deposit but you still have to get you w2's from there.
  5. We had a choice. It wasn't that many A division slots. Maybe like 15-20.
  6. I'm in school car now and what subwayguy and most of the vets on here are saying is very accurate. You hear a lot of the same things when you visit different terminals but the most important thing EVERYONE stresses is to be on time. I have 2 TSS who have 15 pus years on so the are very informative. The only advice I can offer at this point is to read your material. If you have any questions ASK. If you still don't get it ask AGAIN. My practical and midterm is next week and I'm looking forward to it. After all these weeks my mind set is bring it on. If you put in the work then it should be no problem. Yeah nerves play a part ( for the practical) but I'm like whatever I got this.. I just can't wait to be out and learn even more on the road.
  7. I'm curious to know how you got the rules and regs as well. JmA1982. I don't wanna hit your phone like a stalker. Lol
  8. Did anyone else receive a letter in the mail about the orientation location being changed? If so the start time has 2 different times. The white letter states 0700 and the green says report 8am sharp. I'm just curious to know which is the correct time, if not I will just call Mrs Rivers on Monday to get the correct time.
  9. Well my list number was 52xx and I was sworn in today if that helps anyone wondering what list number they are up to.

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