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  1. the bus stop signs now have the new pretty blue s79 si mall in sbs colors in broooklyn and the stops in s.i..4245 was seen today wrapped with the blue lights flashing...theres announcements about s79sbs in buses...the fare machines at 86st are being built...and theres a wholleee lot of Orion Vs on the S79...

    its around the corner and take good looks those orions wont be on the S79 anymore come sunday unless they have no choice but to run one.

  2. i never said where it should go i said i think the Q58 could use them after all mta doing depot overhauls and renovations so fresh pond could change.

    as for bp/jfk as we know is scheduled for artic conversion so it will get them when its ready as for the bus we should just wait and see as ciiboy2 and caitsith said.

    why is 4710 using the next gen style door operation?

  3. Nice! Hopefully they get Sprint cell service in the stations next or soon, since I have Sprint, but I think it makes more sense for them to be focusing on getting Verizon next. Most people use Verizon for wireless, I don't get why they didn't try to get their network installed first instead of AT&T & T-Mobile.


    Yeah, I agree, especially considering that you actually have to pay for it at the airports. Is the Port Authority so damn cheap that they can't have free wi-fi like almost every other airport I've been to? Thankfully JFK Terminal 5 (the JetBlue terminal) has a separate and free wi-fi service, and I fly JetBlue a lot.


    why because its easier for them to use gsm networks before than to get wcdm networks which takes time to do.
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