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  1. A 44 in the middle happens more than you think. As long as you have a working cab and power that works somewhere in the consist its a go.
  2. I don't really have an answer for you other than maybe they were dropped off, but still that seems odd since they could probably just give them to a relay crew to do that. My only other guess is they were on shakedown runs with the 4630 since the 4630 works. Like I said things have not been fun if you were on or involved in NJT operations in an area with wires the past few days.
  3. Alot of 46's have been dying, they may have been sent to be replacements or taking the dead ones depending on the direction. It has not been fun the past few days anywhere on the system with wires...
  4. It probably was a DH I forget what the exact numbers are off the top of my head though.
  5. All Shuttles and BH-HOB/HOB-BH trains stop at Manasquan, no trains terminate at Asbury Park. Per ETT and passenger TT.
  6. Matawan and Red Bank are both located near phasegaps on the NJCL...the 44 was not on battery power, you don't have pans your not going anywhere, thats the name of the game. Especially with that many cars What probably happened was there was a wire problem and whomever the operator was, was told to drop pans, through the area, he certainly had enough speed.
  7. :tup::tup::tup: Nice to see some shots from the slope! Also nice to see those EMD's, I'm kind of partial to them with all the problems the D9's have, there was one in HBG yard last week that looked just about ready to blow, my friend ended up getting it for power to hahahaha.
  8. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks Andy, there are a bunh of High Hodd 38-2's roaming around out here. There were the past few weeks quite a few SD70M-2's in the Chicago-HBG-NJ pool. Thanks Dan! Thanks dude! The high hood 38-2's grow on you. When I first saw them I did not like them but they look good. Running them is not that great though no real visibility, but mostly around there and here they are used in yard service.
  9. Good Glad you like! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks Andy!!
  10. Thanks! Thanks! Thank you glad you like it!
  11. Thanks! Thanks!! Try now, should be working
  12. Some Recent Amtrak all but the first from the NEC, first is from Harrisburg. http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2015971 NEC: http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=1995336 http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2009874 http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2009870 http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2009853 http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2009783 http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2009740 http://http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2010161 http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2010169 Enjoy!
  13. Some Recent NJT Shots from the NEC and RV. RV: http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2002139 http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2008078 http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2002135 NEC: http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2009648 http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2010146 http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2010127 http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2009973 http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2010177 http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2010171 http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2010165 http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2010160 Enjoy!
  14. Spent Friday on the Lehigh Line as usual and headed Friday night/Saturday to Harrisburg and the surrounding area. Friday LEHL action. 11J: http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2015868 NS 212: http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2015870 NS 22V: http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2015872 NS 214 with UP third out: http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2015875 Saturday action starts off at Enola. NS 591(empty coal): http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2016285 Next up to enter the yard was H3W: http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showpicture.aspx?id=2016286 NS 101 a genset was working the yard like usual: http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2016291 NS 100 was as well but thr GP38-2 was leading: http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2016290 Finally another empty coal train NS 631: http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2016358 A stop in Harrisburg found NS 921 a Herzog train on the move: http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2016333 Over now to the Pittsburgh Line. We start with 20G: http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2015964 23M: http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2015965 21G: http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2015966 12G: http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2015967 13G lead by two SD70's: http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2015968 NS 595: http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2015969 21T: http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2015973 23T: http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2015974 19G: http://kaback9.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2015982 Enjoy!
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