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  1. Actually the one in the SIM is R160. The master controller on the 160's are all the way in the right, next to the cab window. The 142-142A's the master controller is in the middle of the console


    I know.  The first time i was in the sim the 160 was broken so they put us on the 142 simulator for the 7 line.  That's why i said I was curiosity.  I like that the master is in the middle.

  2. @RTOman Yessir lol, but we still have our second yard practical to do. Prepping for service, and BP rupture. Just a lot more steps than prepping for yard movement


    It seems like a lot on paper but in actuality its just a few extra minutes in your checking the train.  It will also depend on the equipment you get.  Where is your practical gonna be? Mine was in Jamaica Yard

  3. A. Remember how in English class, you learned about literary devices? Try looking back to the section of your notes on hyperboles.

    B. Even though you see people enjoy it, most people don't. It may be entertaining once in a while, but after a long, exhausting day, I prefer a quiet train ride without having to worry about somebody kicking you in the face.

    I saw your hyperbole and raised you a whimsical remark. But I never believe myself so well versed in English that I can turn down a review session. Thanking you professor.


    I also see your point about being kicked in the face ala performance error. But this is where I point out in my observation most of those guys seem to know better than to try their acrobatics in a car where you have little room to move your arm let alone dance. The worst thing for an entertainer is audience injury as that results in money lost.


    As for how I feel about them...has anyone seen that barber shop quartet around? I wanna get them to perform at a surprise birthday party I wanna throw.

  4. Hi guys.  Went in today for medical processing and was sworn in, thank God!  I was nerve wrecking because my information didn't transfer from the front desk to medical so I sat waiting until everyone else was called (I was originally #112) and when I finally asked why I hadn't been called they told me I had to get a new number.  I then got #200 so I was practically last but it was all worth it!  Is anyone else here starting 2/24?  My list # 191x.  Thanks for all the information provided here, it helped me prepare tremendously and kept me from panicking.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    How much time did you have in between the time you got called for the medical and the actual appointment.  I'm in California at the moment so this is important to me.

  5. Hey Guys just a quick question Ima shy guy bout urintaing in front of people..so do they literally watch you pee or do you at least get to turn around..especially if they  make you strip as someone on here said earlier! also when you get to the medical part do you have to tell them evry medication you may be on? Keeping my fingers crossed and appreciate the advice..see ya down below!!


    Its the MTA.  Not prison.  I hope not... =/

  6. The list is moving soooooooooooooo slow. It's driving me nuts!!! List #2100's. On the way home last night on the G line heading to queens I saw what seemed to me like a school car class. People with uniforms standing in the first car about 6 of them and about 4 people in the front cab where the operator sits. Man they looked so happy. Come on DCAS get that list moving. It's been on 1414 going on 2 months now.


    Yeah i'd say no calls from MTA for the 2000s anytime this year.

  7. I was just talking about Obamacare with a colleague who is a staunch Democrat (typical liberal Manhattanite living in Yorkville/Upper East Side  <_<) and she is pissed about the plan.  She is definitely going to be paying more under the plan. She doesn't understand how it's "affordable" if she will be paying even more than what she was paying last year. lol  


    If she can afford an Upper East Side  apartment she can afford healthcare.  I seriously love people who complain about costs when they're currently living in a 3K + /mo apartment in the swankiest part of town.  Downscale to a place in Brooklyn for 1k then complain about costs.  -_-

  8. The problem is that when they were first discussing healthcare reform, Democrats considered doing single-payer. At that point, the healthcare providers, insurers, their lobbyists, and the politicians being funded by them did the press rounds and talked about how socialism was evil.


    The amount of vested interests in this country is dangerously high.

    That's the problem when it comes to any kind of change that would benefit the middle and lower class.  The upper class that have been making bank off the way things are find themselves butthurt.  Lobbyists are a big example as to why places like LaGuardia Airport will never see any kind of rail service; because the taxis currently make a killing transporting passengers to and from it.   

  9. I don't need to validate anything.  I'm sharing my personal opinion as an American. I don't care for the plan, nor do I care for the "gubment" mandating me to do anything.  That's the real issue here.  It's about principle.  Now it's one thing to protect Americans from grave consequences from not having healthcare but the real problem here is they have coined this program as being affordable when for most that didn't have it before it won't be.  So now you're mandating people to get something that they still can't afford and forcing them to get healthcare or else.  That is not helping those people.  It's driving them further into poverty and furthermore, making them more dependent on the Democrats to come up with more handouts to help these people, driving up more debt that we can't afford.  It's un-American on so many levels.  If the plan was actually affordable for the people that it's supposed to help, then I would be more in favor of it but it isn't.  It also creates high costs for young folks like myself whose employer offers healthcare and drives up my costs unnecessarily when I barely go to the doctor for anything aside for a checkup so why should my costs be astronomical?  Makes no sense.

    Don't know what you're doing here then.  We're mandated to do a lot of things by Federal Law already.  I guess you haven't signed up for selective service nor do you pay taxes.  Those are government mandates as well.  Every man in this country has to sign up for selective service as mandated by the government.  Every person who has an income is mandated to pay taxes as well.  By law if you own a car you must have insurance and registration on that car...also mandated by law.  Jury duty as well.  Tons of stuff to spread out to if you're going to say something like that.



    But that's not my point.  My point is you can't seem to place an argument without sounding ignorant and bitter.  I don't care whether the position is for or against.  If you can't discuss the topic respectfully you should back off.

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