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  1. I don't have to reveal the real amount of money i receive those years since it's all in cash, I know it's wrong but I think i will report a lower amount so I don't pay an exhorbitant amount in fees. Will my employer be notified and be aware of an audit if it happens? As an "independent contractor" he is not subjugated to paying social security or taxes for me...only I am for myself.
  2. Does working as an "independent contractor" count as work experience? I was paid in cash for close to 3 years off the books and now I think I should refile taxes for those years as an independent contractor so it can be verified by the MTA. Is this possible? I believe I would have to pay 15% of my salary for those years back to the IRS,but I think it would be worth it if I can get the TO job
  3. Oops...heh...I did get a 95 lol...1.25 per answer...so I guess you know which answers I got wrong...math based! So I should hope my position on the list is in the 1000's
  4. I got 4 wrong...which gives me a 94:confused: I guess I won't be receiving a call as someone mentioned in this thread that only 95 and above will get you in. How do we see the specific questions that we got wrong? Is there a way?
  5. You mean the physical and screening is already scheduled without any advanced notice? Immediately after the call ...the following day?
  6. After the initial call from the list, how long is the wait for a physical and drug-screening?
  7. Hey, thanks for the info Loco...Sorry to hear about the experience with the francise....did you break even at least?
  8. Never mind...I just read the EETP portion of the application should be mailed in...instead,shall we wait until march. 24 when everything is finalized? You have up until then to edit your information online I suppose...
  9. So for the people who already filed online will have to fork over another 60$ for a money order? This sounds really odd...I should've mailed in the application in the first place then...
  10. Hey Locomotion...where do you start if you're interested in purchasing a route? I'm intrigued...is there a book or any other information online regarding this sort of business?
  11. Can your former boss/owner of the company vouch for the years worked off the books? My work history will then look sporadic with huge gaps...this sucks!
  12. Ok, the promotional list has to be exhausted before considering candidates from the open-competitive list. What happens to the open-competitive candidates who score higher than the available people on the promotional list? Will a person fom the promotional list who just barely pass take precedence over someone who scores a perfect 100 on the open-competive list? And another question, the 5 years that is required for the position...it HAS to be "on the books"? The previous job I held I worked the first few years "off the books" and the final year "on the books"...is this a problem?
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