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  1. Good Evening Gentle Reader, Just thought I would let you know that this weekend the Railroad Museum of Long Island is having our Annual Holiday Open House at our Greenport Site(4th street at the tracks, also next to the LIRR Platform) Like last year Santa will be taking time to meet with the Childern of Long Island. To get here from the North Pole, he will not being using Raindeer but the Long Island Rail Road Greenport Scoot, arriving at 12 noon. This is a free event, with cookies and treats on hand for the children. A fun day for all! Also, on the topic of Christmas for the fitst time ever, we have decorarted the exterior of the Riverhead Site. This weekend we put some lights on the tree, and got a nice wooden train cut out built and on a stand. Look for the lights and train, as you pass by on the Greenport Scoot on your way to see Santa, and the holiday season. Hope to See You In Greenport This Weekend, for some holiday cheer! With Warm Wishes for the Holidays, Anthony Railroad Museum of Long Island Greenport & Riverhead
  2. Well, Riverhead is still open every Saturday until November 21st and Greenport is open the first weekend of december for the 2 day Santa Trains. Kevin, 60(orange hack) started off like the two yellows ones. Infact when we got all 3 they looked like they were ready to go to the scraper with all the vandalism on them. Someday they will all look new Anthony
  3. My Pleasure Kevin. Glad to be able to help and answer your question. The two hacks are indeed right next each other in Riverhead, infact coupled together. 60 use to be with them before she went into Brooklyn. Here is a photo of the two hacks being stuffed back into the sideing after taking 60 off and putting her on the main to go to the museum back in April. The second picture shows there general location, right before the move. Anthony
  4. Yes, that would be correct. It is thankfully behind a fence with NYA cars. When we moved 60 into the city, she seemed ok.(The last time I saw her) We want to move her to Riverhead oneday. But she has truck problems and the FRA won't let an MP-15 move her, so for now we are gald she is save at NYA behind a fence. I think you can see her from the road actully. Anthony
  5. Hi AWWang, The Railroad Museum of Long Island owns two hacks, the recently painted one and a wooden caboose -Long Island Railroad Baywindow Caboose C-68, In Riverhead -Long Island Railroad Wooden Couplea caboose 14, In Greenport The Twin Forks Chapter of the NRHS actully owns the caboose at the Transit museum. The 2 groups work so close together it is like everyone owns it all B) -Long Island Railroad Flatside Caboose C-60, In The Transit Museum on loan -Long Island Railroad Baywindow Caboose C-63, In Riverhead -Long Island Railroad Baywindow Caboose C-63, In Riverhead -Long Island Railroad Steel Coupla Caboose 1, In Hicksville Thanks for your intrest, Anthony
  6. No, that was our other Caboose C-60. She is still there btw. And thank you all for your kind words, they are appreciated. Anthony
  7. Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen, It may of been Halloween today but the work did not stop at the Railroad Museum of Long Island in Riverhead. We got a a coat of Orange paint onto Former Long Island Railroad Baywindow Caboose C-68. She has not gotten any TLC in a while, so I took on the project to repaint her. She got one coat today, to cover up all her rust stops and get her ready for winter. In the spring after she has weatherd a little 2 more coats will be applied along with a coat on the roof. Then the detail work and lettering. She will be ready for 2010 museum patrons in late April, ready to tell her story as she has been for so many years, just in fresh as-deliverd paint. We were also lucky enough to have a crew working on preparing our machine for paint. So much has gotten done this year, and it is all thanks to our volunteers! I don't think I have ever seen so much work go on at one time......3 Railroad Cars painted and a soon a building. Not bad if you ask me. Anthony Railroad Museum of Long Island BEFORE AFTER The second project of the day below, with it's own crew
  8. Good Morning, Before I leave to get some paint on our Caboose, C-68 I thought I would share with you, what myself and President Don Fisher worked on yesterday to further restore passanger car 2924 as well as BM-62 7737. The under carriage and steps of these cars got a nice gloss black and our looking great! Check back later for photos of C-68 The Star of the show :-) Before After Anthony Railroad Museum of Long Island
  9. Good Evening, After a very long day of work, I am pleased to announce that End of Steam Ceremony P-72 2924 is once again in her original as delivered grey color along with BM-62 7737. We were very lucky to have the help of 12 young people to help us with the work. The cars have never looked better! Plans call to put lettering on them in the near future. 7737 previously was in yellow red and blue, to act as a circus car, so it was time to go back to LIRR paint. I am extremely happy with the result, and despite the fact, I am exhausted and smell like Rustolium, it was an OUTSTANDING day! Make sure to come out to our Riverhead Site to see them!!! -Anthony Railroad Museum of Long Island
  10. Same story on the Greenport Scoot. The LIRR will lose the ENTIRE KO branch if the trains are not run. Anthony
  11. Sounds like fun! Thank you for that wonderful report. Maybe next year I will go. We were to busy at RMLI for me to take a day off :-) -Anthony
  12. Hello Everyone! I thought I would introduce myself here on the forum. Very glad to see so much of an interest for the . I am an active member at the Railroad Museum of Long Island, so I am a big fan of the Long Island Railroad and all of it's agencies and know a great deal about the LIRR. Also, like to model the in o gauge Glad to be here! Seems to be a lot of great info Anthony
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