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  1. Welcome and enjoy your stay!
  2. Welcome and good luck with your research!
  3. Welcome to the forums, and nice pictures!
  4. Oh. I like that Jessica lady announcements better than the other two ladies tho.
  5. Who is Catherine Cowdery and Diana Thopmsan anywho?
  6. I still don't believe that it is Diane Thompsan who does the announcements for the . The lady on the , her voice is soft and low. But she did do the announcements for the a very long time ago, her voice got deeper maybe.
  7. I'm glad to see that the R142 is programmed for the . I'm also glad that it has the same announcer as the
  8. The all have the same announcements. It would be nice if all the Queens Boulevard lines used R160s, including the .
  9. Nice video R160 Maniac. Isn't the supposed to have the same announcements as the ?
  10. I think that phase 1 of the SAS should be complete with the 63 Street connection with the . This will atleast relieve some congestion because the runs up 2 Avenue then to West Midtown.
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