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  1. i had the exact same problem with question number 6 in the afternoon session. does anyone recall what this particular question was about?? unfortunately i could not attend the protest session. i wish i knew what it was because i am more than sure that i was thinking straight at the VERY beginning of the test. please help, anyone. it really is annoying the livin hell out of me. congratulations to everyone!! any info will be appreciated.
  2. you are correct dude: every question is worth 1.25 points - simple as that =)
  3. how many more times are you gonna tell us that, bro???
  4. You're right - the best info is at the source. Thanks! =)
  5. thank you very much - the reason why i am asking is that i already work for the city in another agency and once i become a T/O i'd like know what options i'm going to get with my nycers (i believe i've got the 25/55 plan - "physically taxing" title)
  6. i understand, thank you. it's the same when joining the fire dept. or nypd: you do the 20 years in their departments and whatever you had from other agencies gets counted on top of it when you retire. it'sall clear now, thanks again =)
  7. thank you for all the posts, gentlemen. i guess i'll go with the flow and just do whatever they tell me to. just another question pertaining to the pension: is my city (nycers) pension from other departments (such as a couple of years in DOT, DEP or Parks Dept.) transferrable to the MTA pension system?? or they are two different pension systems?
  8. thank you for the info everyone. what exactly "walking the tracks" means??
  9. i mean that for instance trades people (plumbers, electricians, etc.) are "physically taxing" titles which get additional percentage taken out of their paychecks (thus can retire after only 25 years of service). i was just wondering if T/Os have the same option on their pensions.
  10. hey everyone. could someone tell me if Train Operator title is considered a "physically taxing" title as far as the pension is concerned??
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