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  1. Hello everyone I need your help in locating a bus Diecast model of a Double Decker Bus for my nephews up and coming birthday.He is a Bus nut and he takes after his uncle of course lolololo.I need a few good web sites that has a good selection of diecast buses it has to be buses that he can play with not just a modle.He lives in Phila but it does not have to be from Septa any name on a bus will just do.I would really appreicted your help i have found a few web sites but not much that has double decker buses it would make a 6 year old kid very happy on his birthday.God Bless
  2. Hello all I just wanted to tell you there was another problem up here in the Boston it happen yesterday. It seems some lady took a picture on her cell phone of a bus driver reading a newspaper and driving the bus at the same time. I guess this morn did not watch the news last week about 50 or so people going to the hospital. It was on the news tonight the lady took 3 pictures of the bus driver newspaper spread out across the steering wheel and he would look down to read for one minute put look up and drive and then he would put his head down again and read more of the paper and this went on for 30 minutes during rush hour morning traffic. It happened in the town of Arlington Mass which is about 25 miles north of downtown Boston on the 77 bus. If you would like to watch the video it is on there news web site of WHDH.com channel 7. The MBTA officals had no comment when is it going to stop would some one please tell me. By the way last week a school bus driver in the town Clinton Mass was fired for texting while driving and for a minute or two he had his hand off the steering wheel with kids on board:mad:. Take care and have a great night and god bless
  3. Hi there I was just wondering if any citys or towns out there are still using the old GM buses that they had back in the 70's and 80's those were the days and i am a big fan of the old Buses.I am also a Fan of the OLD Flixable and the old AMC.I was wondering does anyone know when the last year they made the old AMC buses that the MBTA T had.I was wondering is there any MBTA fans out there and if so remember the MBTA MINI BUS back in the 70's.Take care and have a great night God Bless
  4. Hello all I have a question i am not a computer expert and i need some advice out there in pc land i am a train buff and i am going to be a new PC dell computer( any good ) i am going to get a pc that has 3gb that has microsoft xp.I came across the train-sim.com that has about a 1000 things that you can down load for trains and i came across a number of them for the MBTA both green line and blue line and the red line.I was wondering are all of these downloads are they just to download if you want to add to a current Train simulator if people have one which i do not have or is it a free download that you can play because i have been a fan of the MBTA since i was 6 and to feel like to drive a train it would feel awsome .I was wondering can anyone also recommend any other good downloads for the subways like either NY or the SEPTA or NJ Path.If i do download a number of train things can i just use the mouse that i have or will i need to buy a joy stick.How much memory does one of these downloads take just wondering and with every thing else beside the train stuff is 3 GB good or should i go higher like 4 or 7.Take care and GOD BLESS AMERICA
  5. hello everyone Just to give everyone a update about the train driver for the MBTA i do not know what information people has heard from our great country of ours.It seems the idot blew through a stop sign and caused about 9.5 million dollars in damage .I can tell you this i live and grew up here in the the Boston area if this happen during the 4to 6pm rush hour they would have a lot more people hurt there is no doubt.The driver has not talk to the NTSB people yet and he is only 24 years old and only has been on the job for 22 months.There was a slight problem last winter were my mom a senior citizen was waiting for a bus to go to her part time job in minus -35 with the wind chill and the morn blew threw the bus stop not evening stopping because from what my mom told me the guy was talking on his cell phone.So to make a long story short my mom called me upset because the bus went right by so in turn i called and called the MBTA officals and needless to say i was not happy and the guy was fired.When is it going to take to stop were god for bid someone across this country gets killed hang up and shut off the phone when you drive a train or a bus omg unreal god bless the USA
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