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  1. How did they get the R32s across to Rockaway to run on the H? I thought the line was washed away? Or has it been fixed enough to get 12 cars across safely?
  2. How did they get the R32s across to Rockaway to run on the H? I thought the line was washed away? Or has it been fixed enough to get 12 cars across safely?
  3. Awesome. Sussing out the right time of the day to photograph there... Seems to be a morning or afternoon spot. Level crossing at Inwood should be interesting. Enthused to be able to get decent shots of the R32s anyway... The C isn't exactly photogenic!
  4. Are the R32s still on the H line at the moment? More than makes up for not being in town for the holiday special (I leave on Friday!)
  5. The NYC Airporter is also looking quite attractive. As long as I sit on the driver's side, at least I can watch the passing vehicles and watch coaches etc. heading towards the airport. What are the vehicles they use? Looks like an International or Freightliner with a cutaway style body?
  6. I understand that in North America a "transit" is what we know as a bus. A "bus" is what we call a coach, which are what we have on Greyhound etc. We don't really operate vehicles with high-back seats on commuter express services, we just have normal buses and can take standees. The last MCIs to oeprate in Australia were the MC-9s which Gray Line and Greyhound operated many many moons ago. I rather like the D4500s and if I can ride one out to somewhere in Long Island, then that would be pretty awesome. It's a shame that such vehicles don't get used on the Airport services, and a bit disappointing that alot of 2-stroke action has gone - yet in Canada there's quite alot getting around. We have had some local route buses which got fitted with Carrier air-conditioning systems. One of them kept failing and we worked out that the different interpretation of "bus" led to the wrong air-conditioning unit to be sent out to Australia to be fitted on the vehicle. Naturally with stop-start and the doors opening and closing, the system struggled to keep the interior cooled or warmed, as it was more used to open road running and constant airflow, and the cabin temperature being relatively constant.
  7. I think given the context, I felt it was just easier to add to an existing topic. Not enthused to ride low floor buses, a long ride on an RTS would be interesting, however I think that given that I'll be coming off a long flight, the last thing I want is a long bus ride on something that doesn't have highback suburban seats. The Airtrain+LIRR option is more feasible, and I won't be laden with a whole lot of luggage (a small suitcase on wheels, and camera back-pack and tripod). It looks like I have a few options for La Guardia. I'm actually flying out of Newark when I am heading back towards Australia, so I'll be able to pass through the main airports in the area.
  8. Thanks for the info. By "suburban" I was referring to MCI D4500s etc.. I'd be happy to ride one of them to/from the Airports as long as it isn't just a normal commuter bus or a cutaway.
  9. All well and good for you, but for some of us who have heard about the special runs, and have travelled halfway around the world (like many others I know), it would be a disappointment if it didn't happen this year, although understandable with the aftermath from Sandy.
  10. Is M60 run by a suburban or transit bus? And what line would take me to 125th?
  11. I was thinking of the Airtrain/LIRR as the other option - I'm staying close to Penn Station in the Fashion District. The Airtrain is an interesting system in itself. I am flying out of La Guardia to Knoxville via Detroit (for some MD83 action - a deliberate routing). Hoping for some DC-9 action when I am in Atlanta a bit later in December.
  12. Copy that... have they still retained the Stagecoach "beachball" livery? It was a huge spinout to see them in the flesh on a vehicle with the doors and driving controls on the "wrong" side!
  13. Thanks for the info guys! Not too fussed about standing out in the cold - more concerned about the lighting conditions at that time of the day. Here's hoping I get one of the GO/NYAS Van Hools with Series 60 action. At least I can still get somewhat excited over them, and hopefully they have jake brakes for me to enthuse over. I'll also be hoping to get shots of the older stock on the C line and the remaining LIRR M3s. Also a trip to New Jersey to get the Red & Tan RTSs if they still exist and any RTSs left with NJT. Aside from that, and a long ride on the bi-level NJT stock and to photograph and ride the Arrow III EMUs. Besides that, it'll just be touristy stuff.
  14. Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I'm flying into JFK and in NYC from Dec 3-7. I'm looking at shuttles into Penn Station, and from my last visit to NYC in 2009 I remember NYAS running some old 2-stroke Detroits - are these still in service and is there soem sort of fleet summary for NYAS? A google search brought up some new Van Hools in 2010, but definitely keen on some 6v92 or 8v92 action (or 6v71s if they still exist!) Their fleet seemed reasonably tidy and didn't sound unhealthy (No. 175 was one I disctinctly remember having a nice roar to it when it took off from Penn Central). I am also wondering if there will be any heritage subway trains or buses running on Christmas specials this year? Do the buses run out of Amsterdam if they are running? Thanks in advance for any forthcoming information from a grateful Australian!
  15. Thanks for the info. I'm mostly after the M4s and freight action, but only in NYC for 2 days... so much to pack in in such little time, but I'll probably look at night shots for the buses, and the daytrip to Philly to get the open top Leyland Fleetlines and other oddbodd stuff, as well as trains on the corridor. Would love to check out the LIRR for a couple of hours as well.
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