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  1. Hey i just got my notice to take the telephone maintainers exam. IT was supposed to be given a year ago so i am caught unaware and i don't have the book to study and its backordered everywhere. Does anyone have a copy they could sell me? thanks... don
  2. Hi i read on the open filing page about a conductor exam to be given in sept. Is that right? thanks don
  3. I just got my notice to take the practical exam for the telephone maintainer. I was wondering if anyone knew what the practical exam entailed. I have been laid off for a while and my telecom skills are rusty. thanks don
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    thanks so much~!!
  5. vicpap31


    Hi. My name is Don and i applied to take the train operator test and i am studying and i hear the test is coming out the 6th of june but i did not get my entrance card and i'm a little nervous. Also i applied to take a test for telephone maintainer and i never heard when the test was going to be given. Anyone know anything??? Thanks so much

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