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  1. Well thank you. So it would not be the 4-12, 12-20 and 20-4? I heard that as a newbie I can work mixed shifts and such. I guess the over nights are the shifts I would most like get? Just trying to get an idea. And as a conductor we do have to wear ties?
  2. Yeah I figured weekends off will be a long ways away until I get some seniority. LOL Come labor day I am sure I will be still in training would I get a three day weekend? That would be sweet. Are there any usual shifts that no one wants and that I would probably get stuck working? Just curious.
  3. Hey can anyone tell me during training and even afterwards do they give you off two days in a row every week? I know it will be different days and shifts but do they at least give you two days to recoup? Also when do we get uniforms and howmany? LOL Again thanks in advance.
  4. Well thank you very much for the info. I am debating whether or not I should drive in or take the trains as I live out on L.I. by Ronkonkoma. Is there parking at the rail yards where I would be training and/ or starting my shifts?
  5. Just one week of schoolcar? Now does that include the three days after orientation and security training? Ave U and 13th St? Looks like there is nothing there except for little stores and residential housing?
  6. So where is the schoolcar training? Are there set days and hours for schoolcar such as M-F 8-4? Also I would like to know as well when do you get the bumps in raises until you get to top pay?
  7. Thanks for the welcome everyone! I look forward to my new career. Just out of curiosity what are the normal shifts for conductors? Like 8-4, 4-12 & 12-8? And which is the one most newbies get put on?
  8. Well I went for final processing yesterday and report on 7/25. :-)
  9. So how long is the training for? Where do they hold the training? Is it all different hours for training? Sorry if this has been asked before.
  10. Very true. I am actually glad they didnt call me yet as I have plane tickets to go to Fl. July 4th weekend. LOL I just figured I would post an update so some can get an idea where the process is.
  11. Well FYI I am in the 140's on the list and went for the pee test 6/8 and still have not received a call back as of yet. Just an update.
  12. Anyone know of a link as to what the benefits are for the MTA? As far as medical, sick/ vacation time. Retirement? Sorry if someone has already asked but I have searched and cannot find any info. Thanks in advance. PS- I was in the 140's and went last week for my pee test. Waiting on a call.
  13. Ok I am sure this has been posted and or answered a million times but I have yet to see it. Where can I find info on the benefits, vacation, retirement etc... I know they are all excellent but I was just wondering what it all was. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if this is repetitive. :-(
  14. Well I have received my golden ticket. LOL I got my letter on Friday and report to Livingston on Wednesday morning. Just for reference I was in the 130's on the list. :-)
  15. Thanks for the responses to my questions all. So I am in the mid 100's under 150 but got no letter as of yet. I guess I may be called in the next batch?

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