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  1. Ive looked on the site to see if there was any previous info on this topic. Maybe the Train Operators can provide some actual insight on this question. What is the fastest speed between 2 stations in the system ? My Top 3 are D train travelling between 36th Street and Atlantic Avenue (Especially between Prospect & 9th Street) E / F trains between Roosevelt Avenue and Queens Plaza ....and by far the number 1 is N/Q/R trains between Queensboro Plaza and Lexington Ave Not too sure is those are the top 3 (actual speed wise) but if anyone within MTA could provide any other examples would be great
  2. Was travelling on the B15 thru JFK airport the other day was noticed these buses that were operating throughout the airport. They looked like some of the buses MTA currently use, but had Port Authority of NY/NJ on them. Not too sure if my infomation is correct, but I believe they are operated by a compamy named Swissport. Was wondering if any of the members has any further info on this company, rate of pay, etc etc. Looking to obtain a position with NYCTA as a B/O, but I have to wait until 2021, due to not successfully passing the 10 day training back in 2016. Any info would definitely be appreciated
  3. Now that would make sense. Only thing is ....I have never heard a recording on those buses ever. Just on the new ones most recently
  4. That might be it, not too sure...but its on the ceiling and it is positioned downward towards the stairwell. Also has several holes on it. At first I thought it was a camera to monitor fare evaders that attempt to enter thru the rear door. but I dont think so
  5. Hello group. Just had a random question that I figured you guys could instantly answer for me. Always noticed that box that is situated in the ceiling near the rear door stairwell on the old RTS buses. What is that for ? Is that a sensor ? What is the purpose of it
  6. I had my CDL permit since 2011 when I initially applied for the exam with MTA. I never obtained my CDL license due to being told by many people (including some within MTA) not to waste my money for it. NYC Transit will pay for it. Kinda feel I shouldve taken lessons and acquired my CDL on my own. Thats spilled milk now. Will definitely look into that link you provided. As long as I get my CDL, the opportunities will become endless. Whether its Westchester Bee Line or even NICE bus in Long island, having my CDL will benefit me on the long run.....(While Im serving my 5 year sentence...lol
  7. Yeah, tell me about it. When I tell drivers that I see in the street that it's a 5 year wait, they all look at me like I committed a crime or mowed a pedestrian over. A 5 year wait is a bit much ....but hey Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. So if you get called within those 5 years for a different exam number, as long as it has anything to do with being a B/O you can't accept it ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Just wanted to know if anyone would know the exact timeframe that an applicant would have wait to reapply for another B/O position with any division of MTA if they did not qualify within the 10 day training. Ive been told anywhere from 1 year up to 5 years. Then I was told there was is no waiting period as long as the new position is not the same as the one failed (MTA Bus for MTA Bus, MABSTOA for MABSTOA...etc).
  10. Hello guys / gals, I have a few questions regarding this exam and feel that this is the best place to get the answers I need regarding this process Now, let me begin by giving a lil history of my process. Applied in August 2011 for exam 2301, then took BOSS exam in October 2012. Most recently, I received a letter stating that the BOSS exam was passed, then I was offered a part time position with MTA Bus. At that time, I also noticed that there was this exam that was being offered specifically for part time applicants (exam 3301) later on this year. Now, heres the questions 1) If one does accept the part time position. will their name be removed from the 2301 list (depsite the letter stating that their list number will remain) due to you having the "choice" to accept or decline ? 2) Why all of a sudden was exam 3301 cancelled ? was it because their was a surplus of applicants that ACCEPTED the offer and there is not a need for more ?? or was it because there was so many applicants that DECLINED the offer, that they totally scratched the idea of even having a Part Time position to begin with ? 3) Does anyone know of which depots are in need of drivers from the MTA Bus list of depots ?
  11. Well I didnt know that I would be called within such a short period of time. From what I was being told, it would take several months for all the steps to develop but in my case, it was literally weeks. When I went that 2nd time and was sent off due to not having a CDL, I thought that my name was merely deleted out of the system. Not until recently was I told about the 5 year expiration. Once I get my CDL, should I call DCAS or NYCTA Employment Thanks in advance
  12. I took an exam back in 2006 and passed, I believe it was 5025. Last year, I was called into Livingston Street in which I had a lil orientation which was followed by another visit a month later (Feb 2008). On that last day, I filled out some forms and when they discovered that I didnot have my CDL permit, I was given a phone number to call once the permit was obtained. My question to the group is, how far along in the hiring process was I at ? Also, I was told that I have 5 years from the date of the test score for my list number to be removed from the system. Do I still have a chance with that test score/list number ?? or am I better off taking another B/O exam when it comes up ? Thanks in Advance
  13. StepInStandClear


    Hello Guys, just wanted to say Hello to all of the members in the group. Im probably gonna ask alot of newbie type questions, so bare with me. Im hoping to obtain alot of knowledge from the members in the group. So brace yourselves...lol

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