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  1. thanks Locomotion! yes the road test was in the Bronx and the graduation is on Wed in Zerega @ 7am. So what happens @ graduation?
  2. Update! My husband passed his CDL road test today. YAY! tomorrow is pick day and the word is that next week is graduation. Line training has been good.
  3. Locomotion thanks for all the info! it nice to have a glimpse of what may be ahead. yeah, it's been a long road for him, so he is just Thrilled to be moving on in the process.
  4. Hi, My husband begins his line training tomorrow @ the East NY Depot. :tup: Can someone tell me after line training what kind of schedule or shift dothe Newbies usually get?
  5. Thanks! yes will keep all posted, Yeah it was cutting it close. No one from his group qualified on Day 7, but him and two others did it on Day 9 and the 4th guy had to go back today Day 10. He did hear on Friday that most of the openings are in Brooklyn. Well see where he gets sent or pick. He is just happy to have made it, been waiting a long long time for this opportunity. And thanks to the Forum he was able to recieve real useful info for whats ahead. :tup:
  6. My husband is from list 5025 and began his training on 10/25 and qualified today. Thank God! He has to head to Zerega on Monday. He said there was a total of 52 people in orientation, I guess he will see on Monday how many passed training. Next step line training right?
  7. Well, My husband is from exam 5025 did his Drug Test on Tuesday 9/28 and has his medical appointment for Monday 10/4. He was previously on Medical hold for Eye glasses and just when he cleared the Freeze come in effect this was last November. He did mentioned that there were people for MABSTOA there, but not sure about 8006.
  8. Yeah, My husband was down at livingston today for medical & was told about the freeze. The only thing they said was that the freeze will be longer than 30 days & that they will call him back in when the freeze is over.
  9. Ok, tier 5 would be 30/62 Right? if he gets in before then it would be 20/55?
  10. Thanks! list # 2259 from Exam 5025. Keep you posted on class size.
  11. Hello, This Site is awesome! Thanks to all for all the wonderful information. My husband will be going in for his B/O Medical Exam on Tueday 12/8 and was told if everything goes well will start on 12/20. This forum has been so helpful!
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