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  1. Does anyone know if the B or Q is working today ? Travelling from: Sheepshead Bay to West 4th or 34th St Herald Sq. Any info is appreciated.
  2. I am really confused now with the contradicting and vast amount of information. Someone says there is going to be no traffic and low ridership while someone else is saying that its going to be "chock full of passengers going to/from other families houses." Guys I have time to kill (so I do not mind the 2+ hour rides) and I do not want to get on a train beacuse I cannot haul my suitcase up and down the staircases for a trains. I am taking the bus route for sure. Just tell me - B15, B7 B68 OR B15, B8, B68 ??? All I am concerned for is that there should be less people on the bus, so that I do not cause inconvenience or where the driver might not allow me to board the bus in the fist place and minimum walking bwt the stops (Remember I have a suticase). PS: As for the currency part where someone was concerned here.....I came to Charlotte first from my country a few months back and now moving to New York :-)
  3. If that's the case then I will just stick to the B15, B8, B68 route. The last thing I want is to be on a busy route and get wicked stares from fellow commuters due to my suticase. But just wanted to make sure that I can get off at Hegeman and Rockway instd of E 98th St as well correct? Hegeman & Rockway is where B8 & B35L start from right?
  4. On a tight budget. I know its just $35 to $40 bucks, but for ppl who earn and live in NY it may not be a big deal, but I am new here and unemployed and currently having to convert my home currency to $$$. Its a lot for me as of now to pay a cab fare. Maybe one day....
  5. Does B35 LIMITED operate on Dec 25? What is the diff btw B7/B8 (local) and B35 LIMITED? I think what I will do is: Take: -B15 to Hegeman Ave + Rockway Ave....instead of Brookdale Hospital. Transfer to: -B8 and take it to Coney Island Av & Foster OR -B35 LIMITED and take it to Coney Island Av & Church Av, Transfer to: -B68 Bus to Coney Island area.
  6. I will surely either do B15, B7 & B68 OR B15, B8 & B68. I liked the B15, B8 & B68 route as there is minimum walking btw the stops as compared to the B15, B7 & B68 route. I do not want to be lugging my suitcase in and out of buses or up and down the staircase for a subway. Kim.
  7. Shortline, Thank you for the prompt response. My biggest concern is - If I take any of the above mentioned Options # 1 or 2, would they allow me to bring my suitcase on the buses? Also just double checking - Does option 1 or 2 run on Dec 25? Don't want to be stranded and lost. Kim.
  8. I am arriving at JFK on Dec 25. I need to get to Coney Island, Brooklyn and have one big suitcase with me. After using the trip planner on the MTA website; I plan on taking the bus route all the way frm JFK to Coney Island with appx 2 - mins walking inbtw as follows: B15: JFK --- E. 98th St & Riverdale Ave. B7 : Lenox Rd & E.98th St --- Kings Hwy & E.13th St B68: Coney Island Ave & Kings Hwy --- Coney Island Ave & Ave Y. I am new to the NYC Transit and was wondering if I will be able to carry a big suticase (checked baggage) on these buses. Is there enough room on these buses as I do not want to inconvenience other passengers? Thanks. Kim
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