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  1. Folks ama just say... what ever.... I mean its NOT physically impossible to test a 4 OR 5 car set on da SIR. And i agree wit some members on this thread, SIR is basically a subway, and not much of a "Railroad", and like i said before, when is the last time you saw a Freight Train roll threw the SIR??? and at the end of the day, "Subway" or "Railroad" both use TRAINS:p
  2. thankz for a straight forward answer!!!! Butt the Idea of seeing an R160 on the SIR:eek: kina bugs You out:p BUT then again you never know what the (MTA)have in mind..:eek:
  3. I HOPE, just like you for O scale M2/M3s, I have the Lionel M7s;) , BUT they did a Poo Poo job on the M7 models:mad: for thing the trucks are to big, and the cars are to short:mad:... MTH would have done a Hell of a better JOB on the M7s:)... BUT no symbols :eek: cause of the MTH and fight over releasing a subway set with Graff on it.:cool:. But if the O scale M2/M3s do come out I HIGHLY prefer if MTH made them.. why?? cause of the detail and quality of the of the trains.. If you own a MTH subway set you know what I mean;)
  4. YES!! Ive read that before, the SIR is concerted a "Rail Road" much like the LIRR, butt how much :eek:$$:eek: would it cost to make those modifications to a set of R160s???and what is the difference between R44 in BK, and ur R44 in SI?? and at the end of the day, Subway and Railroad they both use TRAINS... and face it when am out in SI , and have to use the train to the ferry, ALL I SEE is subway cars, its not like You ever saw a freight train roll threw there, And whats the difference between the stations in SI and in BK or any other of the 4 boros, looks all the same to me...
  5. Do u ever think that the R160s will ever be tested on the SIR??? AND ONLY ONLY :eek:be tested on the SiR ... I mean they R160s where tested on lines that don't run 160s normaly.. for example they where tested on da ... SO WHAT u think????
  6. YEA thats the thing wit da stuffin us like caddle in a train and raising the fare... there is more standing room than sitting room:mad: :tdown::tdown: whats wrong with a 75 ft car?? B)(possible R179) even if it does NOT fit every where.. Let it run where it can RUN!!!
  7. METAL??? ah may be, I mostly listen to UNDERGROUND Rap and Electronic.. the closest thing I could listen to is Hardcore Techno and Gabber, ONLY SOME of it NOT all cause some of doesn't even sound like music:eek:. Why i bring this up?? cause this fits into the 'dark" Genre of music.. check this... ALSO look up "Angerfist" :mad::tup: <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQZ-6w3IGcA&hl=en_US&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQZ-6w3IGcA&hl=en_US&fs=1&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>
  8. SINCE am NEW:eek: here, i guess is like being a freshman in high school ....
  9. I would lika to come along to:p, to meet sum heads from the forums:).. DUDE PM ME!!! if u have a FB or MS.. or simply exchange phone numbers or SNs and such...
  10. I JUST SAY instead of spendin MAD money:tdown: on stuffin each new subway car wit computers.. WHY NOT invest some in design and passenger comfort.. those new bland n gay bench seats are awful.. I HIGHLY prefer R44/R46 or R68 style seating
  11. Cool !!! And that's 1:50 scale right??? It looks pretty nice!! I was hopping for something a lil more detail, for example to see a detailed interior see threw windows u know right??:cool:? even a die cast body or at least a strong type of plastic or fiber glass... And a bit more detailed rims, a professaional paint job, you see how detail maisto cars are right??? Something like that for the bus models!!!
  12. Made custom for$50 ????? what company would make that??? And you say 1:50 is O scale ?? I herd it was 1:64 scale... and (B)t(W) mastio does Make 1:24 scale cars , I have about 7 of them...
  13. Do you think scale Model company's such as "Maisto" , "Matchbox" that make mostly 1:24 scale car models , will ever make NYC bus models such as the "RTS" or "ORION" or the accordion buses or low floor ,in a 1:64 scale, which will perfect to size up with the MTH O scale Subways.. HEY me I will write a letter my self to these company's to give em ideas!! BUT if they ever did come out with those Bus models, am guessin some where in the $20-$30 range.. WHY?? well am guess if they ever got the rights to use the "(MTA)" symbol on the models.... ANYWAY give me your 2 cents tell me what you think???
  14. OOO now I see the pics you were tellin me bout!!! yup, btw its a pretty ( box like 3 ft by 2ft!!! ALSO been tryin find that flatcar with the R62 on it, am pretty sure u seen or herd of it.. HAVE NOT been able to find it in any hobby store in NYC at least, and (B)T(W) am NOT a big fan of online shopping!!! (had a ( experience) HOPING any here kno a hobby shop that might have it in stock???
  15. I know the place your place your talkin bout!! its on 45th between 5th N 6th ave.. he does have nice stuff, but way TO PRICEY!!!! he wanted $135 for 1 !!!! MTH (4)R62 car!! no WAY!! I payed $125;) for the 2 car set.....AT Train World:)....
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