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  1. I go to saint johns off ditmars ^_^

  2. It was Eastbound but i think they should've extended it. Now we may finally get enough buses on the route if they try it. But i think to save money also, the 85 should've extended temporarily. ^___^

  3. Question! The LIRR says service is suspended between Jamaica, Locust Manor, Laurelton, and Rosedale westbound, if im correct. Does that mean the Q85 is extended to Sutphin as thats the only bus that serves all 3 stations?

  4. sure, that'll be great

  5. Yes I did. Very 0__-0 lol

  6. hEY ! Just thought I should let you know i saw the mini buses running the Q113 today, i've been seeing them alot recently

  7. If you ask me, Its most likely because of the way MTA ordered the buses. They probably only ordered a few with racks? for the M60 & Dedicated it to that bus depot. ALSO, The MTA expects many to ride the airtrain instead from JFK

  8. Yep ! North Is East To West lol

  9. Notice you said parts of Cambria lol. The Q4 does the North, 84 Does the south.

    I saw what they wrote about my neighborhood, Brookville, and they were pretty accurate. I know you won't expect to see me trying to cross Conduit at night, walking, to reach the LIRR station. Thats a car accident YELLING Your name

  10. true, also I found an interesting document from 2007 though, the Q3 runs every 6 minutes it stated in the AM rush, so that shows demand for the line. Here's the attached document, it just explains the lack of service in southern queens given by the MTA and the LIRR.



  11. I know but have it be that & then skip the mini stops & then 179th & then 188th & so on & so on

  12. Also, ,my suggestion, may be stupid but I have heard many complain on this with the Q36 is to continue the limited like the Q17 has it. From The Bus terminal to 169th & then 179th

  13. The Q3 definetely doesnt have as much riders as the 85 lol. BUT im looking at the schedule now & in order for a limited to be added to a route, the route needs to leave every 6 minutes which it does during AM Rush between Merrick & JFK Airport.


    Also, for the map, you should probably add a limited stop to bedell street so that it can serve the rochdale customers too.

  14. The Q3 Limited, seems good but if anything, make the limited run down To Guy Brewer and how often would u have it run?

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