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  1. I wondered why an R32 set in ENY had the roll signs set up for the ...Also there was an R32 on the whose flip dot displayed a either broken or someone messed with it.
  2. 8810 and another bus (I think 9063) came to JA to solve some shortage a few months back, 8810 still moving around out there without GPS activated/installed. I know it takes a little while to get the storage buses prep and ready for service (example JFK D60s). They should do it instead of sending buses across the city to do a little 2-3 hour run.
  3. Should pull some buses out of System Reserve instead of loaning, what are they just sitting in EC for other than maybe parts.
  4. Also for PM rush yesterday QV loaned 9352, 9357-58, 9361 and 9382 to JA
  5. They have roughly 50 1996 RTS that are up for retirement in a few months and 50 1998-99 RTS that will stay They actually lost about 45 NGs to QV and another depot, in return they got about 45 LFS
  6. The ex Bees need their GPS installed/activated Also I notice lot of buses wont show up on BusTime in my area because the destination on the bus reads NEXT BUS PLEASE even though it picks up sometimes.
  7. A reduction of stops on the Q3 and better headways or a limited bus... Its the longest route in terms of distance out of Jamaica Depot and provides service to JFK Airport from most of the neighborhoods within Jamaica, Queens. It also connects to 3 LIRR Stations and the train. Another idea is to have some local trips short turn at 179th St Station and Rockaway Bl LIMITED TIMES -JFK Airport bound (5:00-8:00am)° and (2:30pm-7:30pm) -165 St Terminal bound (6:00-8:00am) and (2:30-4:30pm)* *- Probably unnecessary °- Starts early to get TSA and other airport employees to work LIMITED STOPS (Bus only makes limited stops in both directions between 179th St Station and Rockaway Blvd) JFK AIRPORT BOUND Jamaica 179th Station - , NICE Bus and other routes Hillside Av and 187 St - NICE Bus and other routes Jamaica Av and 187 St - Q110 Hollis Av - LIRR Hollis Station and Q2 Liberty Av 113 Av - Q83, Q83LTD Linden Blvd - LIRR St Albans Station and Q4, Q4LTD 120 Av - Q84 Merrick Blvd - Q5, Q5LTD, X63, N4 137 Av - LIRR Locust Manor Station and Q85, Q85LTD Guy R Brewer Blvd - Q111, Q113, Q113LTD Rockaway Blvd - Q6 165 ST TERMINAL BOUND Rockaway Blvd - Q6 Guy R Brewer Blvd - Q111, Q113, Q113LTD 137 Av - LIRR Locust Manor Station and Q85, Q85LTD Merrick Blvd - Q5, Q5LTD, X63, N4 120 Av - Q84 Linden Blvd - LIRR St Albans Station and Q4, Q4LTD 113 Av 111 Av - Q83, Q83LTD Hollis Av - LIRR Hollis Station and Q2 Jamaica Av and 188 St - Q110 Hillside Av and 188 St - NICE Bus and other routes Jamaica 179th St Station -
  8. Best place is in Jamaica on the Q110/1/2/3 during rush hours...You can catch the oldest TA bus 101 and Frankenstein 133 Meanwhile in Pelham Bay they appear on the Q50 and Bx23...a bonus is that some of them are repainted. They rarely appear on the Q64 as well.
  9. To add QV has 3 Express routes CS has an Artic route/soon to be SBS? (slightly higher pay) JA has the best equipment
  10. 4708 was on the Q10, surprised me when I was on my way home on the Q60
  11. I wanna see how good it performs in low light. Like a bright underground station like W4th St vs low light underground station like 7th Av (B, D, E)
  12. 5555 at 100th St not Quill Its like JA and QV are doing what FR and JK are doing. Loaning buses back and forth JA loaning 8045-8089 to QV, and QV loaning RTS to JA occasionally.
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