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  1. Does anyone know if they finished calling people for the 10/22 Class?
  2. Are you a new operator? Or are you going for a reinstatement?
  3. Funny when I called today and asked what list number are they up to they tell me 1611. But here people are saying they are in the 1800s??? And my family member is in the 1800s? What's up with that?
  4. I would have went even if I was dying. I would NOT have missed that.
  5. I have a relative that was called for the secound drug and alcohol. He is now wsiting to be called for the medical. He is hoping to make it for the 10/22 class. His list number is 184x something. Has any one here bein called for the medical with a higher list number?
  6. What does that have to do with hiring? The Manhattan runs still have to be covered. I don't see it
  7. Over crowded? It does not make any sence. Everyone from 126 would still have to cover their runs.
  8. When you get on the highway hit the pedal. You will lose points if your too slow. Your only going to get on and get off yhe next exit or so.
  9. Thats all BS do what transit told you to do PERIOD!
  10. They are NOT lenient they can screw you too.
  11. I thought the area code looked funny. Ill try tomorrow thanks Loco. :tup:
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