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  1. This is really food for thought for all of us, especially us new employees.
  2. I am sorry if this question was asked before, but could anyone tell me if we would be tested on any of the books that was given to us on hire day, and which ones i should be reading first? I start training on the 27th Feb. Any feedback would be appreciated.thanks.
  3. It is merely to make sure that you answered all the questions on the 22 page booklet,and makes sure that all your paper work are in order.
  4. I also did the NYPD medical, and their hearing test was a peice of cake compare to this. But i guess they are testing us like this because of the nature of the job. This was the only test that i was really nervous about.
  5. Thank You. First they ask you to answer some medical questions on the computer, then they check your urine, eyes, heart,weight and hearing, then the doctor sees you and let you know if you pass your medical. The hearing test is really scary, you have to hold your breath in because the sound is really low. After that it is all paper work. Be prepared to spend the entire day, and good luck to you.
  6. This is just an update to this thread. Did my medical today, training starts Feb 27th. List number in the mid 430's.
  7. Just checked my mails and saw that my pre-employment letter was in there. List# mid-400s.
  8. Tricknologist,..When did you get your letter? I am in the mid-400s also, and did not get any pre-employment letter as yet.
  9. ensoled, what number are you on the list? and what date in september does the traning starts?
  10. Raddu347, Congrats..Is your list # 100 or higher? Just trying to get an idea of what # they are at as far as pre employment letter goes.
  11. BT704,...what number are you on the Q/C conductor list?
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